The in-depth information about ISO certification in Ethiopia | ISO Consultants in Ethiopia
ISO Certification in Ethiopia

The in-depth information about ISO certification in Ethiopia

ISO Certification Ethiopia is an International Organization for Standardization that is widely known. ISO certification in Ethiopia has encompassed all aspects of running a company, such as product quality, etc. In Ethiopia, you can implement the ISO guidelines to the sectoral procedure of your business. This can help in building trust in your company’s brand and improve your standing in the private and public sectors. Ethiopia is the hub of numerous third-party and business validation as well as ISO certification adding credibility and credibility to your business’s management system.

In achieving the standards of ISO Certification in Ethiopia, you will be able to satisfy customers the ease.

ISO experts in Ethiopia generally are employed on a cycle in a firm, they are in charge of all the developments as well as the angles and locations which are found in the business world from food production to medical services as well as research and business.

Important requirements in ISO certification in Ethiopia

ISO 9001 -Quality management system, here we can notice a steady increase in the standard of products or services provided to the client that will boost the market share. ISO 9001 certification provides a comprehensive set of corporate guidelines.

ISO 14001 – environmental management systems: ISO 14001 certification deals with the elimination of harmful effects on the environment and also legal requirements related to the environment.

ISO 22000 – Food and Safety Management Systems: ISO 22000 was created primarily for food companies to address food safety risks within the food industry. This applies to all types of businesses regardless of size, or geographic location. This is the case throughout the food chain from secondary or primary manufacturers and also packaging, industrial equipment cleaning products, food-related equipment, and cleaners.

ISO 27001 – Information security management system: ISO 27001 contains details regarding how to manage the various aspects of security within an organization. The aim of ISO 27001 is to help businesses make the information on their properties more secure. This certification is crucial to safeguard important items of employees along with customer information images of brands and personal information.

ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System: It can help improve the image of the company by involving customers, employees, and even the addition of community members. Additionally, we could as well see Halal or CE Mark certification.

Each one of these standards has its own methods of recognition. If you are a member of an ISO certification Body in your business, it is likely to spread across the international business community.

The benefits accrued from ISO Certification in Ethiopia

  • ISO Certification for Ethiopia is the most efficient option for the improvement of our company. it should be in line with the work plan of the company and reduce the risk for the billionaire. There are many benefits.
  • Create a representative application.
  • ISO certification in Ethiopia helps in assistance with purchases and administration tasks.
  • Also, regulate labor productivity.
  • Documents from around the globe.
  • You’re on top of those listed on the ISO accredited firms in Ethiopia.

How to get ISO Certification in Ethiopia?

Our easy steps help make certification easy,Our principal goal is to make the procedure for you, our customer as easy as is possible. We conduct an initial evaluation of the company to assess where the company is in relation to the selected ISO certification. We then make several recommendations regarding what must be done to be compliant (we don’t make any major changes to the procedure except when absolutely necessary).

Then we will draw up an action plan to implement the suggestions (to be completed in six to twelve months) Complete as many of them as you can, then create your manual and the mandatory operational procedures (as required under the requirements of the Standard) and, 6-8 weeks following the initial assessment visit, return to give the manual ISO Certification in Ethiopia.

The certification process begins at this point. The systems are geared towards constant improvement, which is why we will be visiting you regularly to ensure you’re in line with the guidelines and prepare for re-certification year upon year.

The process of ISO certification in Ethiopia

Factocert offers a 100% satisfaction assurance for testing that is systematic and conforms to international standards for testing. The company believes that ISO standards provide guidelines for businesses that, if they are followed they can lead an organization to a totally new level of success and help improve the processes within the company.

Cost efficiency to get ISO accreditation in Ethiopia

ISO certification in Ethiopia prices varies based on the amount of the organization and the extent of the way in which the business is operating according to procedures and processes. If you decide to apply several standards in the time, there are discounts offered. We provide a simply affordable service with flexible terms for payment.

Because our plans are custom-made and with the multitude of factors that impact the cost in implementing, we wish to meet with prospective clients in order to meet them a bit better before providing them with estimates.

We think it takes about three years for a management system to completely develop and at this time, more than 90% of customers are aware of the value that their management system offers.

Why choose Factocert to get ISO Certification in Ethiopia?

Factocert offers an ISO certification expert in Ethiopia. We have developed procedures to address these particular needs for your business faster. we handle ISO certifications for Ethiopia cities such as Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Dire Dawa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, etc.For more details login to and

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