SOC 2 Certification in Canada No 1 trust paramount for canadian businesses handling sensitive information, demonstrating a commitment to secure
SOC 2 Certification in Canada

How Much Does a SOC 2 Audit Cost?

SOC 2 Certification in Canada

SOC 2 Certification in Canada trust is paramount. For Canadian businesses handling sensitive information, demonstrating a commitment to secure and reliable data management is crucial. That’s where SOC 2 Certification in Canada comes in, offering a globally recognized framework for assessing internal controls over security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy (TSPs). But how much does a SOC 2 audit in Canada cost? This question plagues many organizations considering certification in Canada. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, this blog aims to demystify the cost factors and help you make informed decisions.

What is the difference between Type I and Type II SOC 2 Certification in Canada?

First, differentiate between SOC 2 Type I and Type II reports. Type I reports focus on the design of your controls, assessing whether they’re suitable to achieve the chosen TSPs. Type II reports go a step further, evaluating the operational effectiveness of these controls over a specified period. This distinction significantly impacts cost.

What factors influence SOC 2 certification in Canada?

Scope of your SOC 2 engagement:

  • Number of Trust Service Principles (TSPs) included: Each TSP adds complexity, audit time, and cost. Consider which TSPs are most relevant to your business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Data volume and location: The amount and sensitivity of data handled influence the depth of testing required, impacting cost. Cross-border data flows may entail additional considerations.
  • Industry regulations: Complying with industry-specific regulations like PIPEDA or HIPAA demands extra effort and potentially increases cost.

The complexity of your IT infrastructure:

  • Cloud vs. on-premise systems: Cloud environments, while simplifying some aspects, often involve shared responsibility models requiring more profound assessments, potentially influencing cost.
  • Number of systems and integrations: More complex technology ecosystems necessitate broader testing, translating to potentially higher costs.

Selection of auditor:

  • Experience and expertise: Reputable auditing firms with SOC 2 Certification in Canada command higher fees, but their efficiency and knowledge can offset costs in the long run.
  • Location and hourly rates: Geographical location and the auditor’s hourly rates directly impact the overall cost.

Internal preparedness:

  • Existing documentation and controls: Having well-documented policies, procedures, and existing controls can streamline the audit, potentially reducing costs.
  • Internal audit capabilities: Strong internal audit functions can support the process, potentially lessening the external auditor’s workload and cost.

What is the cost of a SOC 2 Certification in Canada?

Remember, the cost of SOC 2 Certification in Canada goes beyond the audit fee. Consider the intangible benefits:

  • Enhanced trust and credibility:  SOC 2 Certification in Canada: Attract investors, partners, and customers by demonstrating your data security and privacy commitment.
  • Improved internal controls: Identify and address weaknesses in your systems and processes, leading to operational efficiency and risk mitigation.
  • Competitive advantage: Stand out from competitors by showcasing your data security posture, especially in regulated industries.
  • Reduced regulatory scrutiny: Demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations like PIPEDA and GDPR, potentially reducing audit risks.


SOC 2 Certification in Canada is a valuable investment for organizations handling sensitive data, but the cost should be acceptable. By understanding the factors impacting cost and considering the long-term benefits, you can make informed decisions to achieve data security excellence and gain a competitive edge in the Canadian market. SOC 2 Certification in Jordan

What Factocert SOC 2 Certification Can Do For Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SOC 2 Certification in Canada stands for International Organization for Standardization. It plays an essential role in maintaining various market sectors’ standards. It starts right from manufacturing an item to providing a product. It is an independent, international organization that develops standards for ensuring the safety, quality, and efficiency of the services and products across Canada cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton

For industries in Canada, SOC 2 certification might be called for by legislation or contractually. But, even if that’s not the situation, satisfying SOC 2 criteria has many advantages for organizations: Saving money and time by recognizing and resolving persisting issues, Improving system, and process effectiveness.

While all the  Standards are necessary for different organizations, some of the mandatory Certification Standards in Canada are:


  • GDP Certification: Good Distribution Practices
  • GLP Certification: Good laboratory practice
  • GMP Certification: Good Manufacturing Practices
  • GDPR Certification: General Data Protection Regulation
  • SOC 1 Certification: System and Organization Controls 1
  • SOC 2 Certification: System and Organization Controls 2
  • SA 8000 Certification: Social Accountability
  • RoHS Certification: Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Although the cost of SOC 2 Certification in Canada depends on the type of SOC 2 Standards, Factocert provides the best SOC 2 Certification services at the most affordable price across Canada.

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