SOC 1 Certification in Canada No1 todays data-driven world, trust is paramount regarding financial information security and integrit.
SOC 1 Certification in Canada

How SOC 1 Certification works – Everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About SOC 1 Certification in Canada

SOC 1 Certification In Canada: In today’s data-driven world, trust is paramount regarding financial information security and integrity. For service organizations handling sensitive client data, demonstrating robust internal controls becomes crucial to building and maintaining client confidence. This is where SOC 1 Certification in Canada steps in.

What is SOC 1 Certification in Canada?

Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), SOC 1 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 1) is an internationally recognized auditing standard focused on assessing a service organization’s ICFR. Think of it as an independent “seal of approval” that verifies the effectiveness of your systems and processes in protecting client financial data from unauthorized access, modification, or loss.

While technically not a “certification,” achieving a SOC 1 report through an independent audit demonstrates your commitment to data security and internal control best practices. This transparency builds trust with stakeholders and clients, providing a competitive edge in a market increasingly concerned about information security.

The Types of SOC 1 Certification in Canada

There are two primary types of SOC 1 reports, each offering different levels of assurance:

  • Type 1 Report: This provides a point-in-time description of your organization’s ICFR, detailing its design and suitability. It needs to assess its operating effectiveness.
  • Type 2 Report: This builds upon Type 1 by evaluating the operating effectiveness of your ICFR over a specific period, typically six months to a year. It offers a more robust assurance of control reliability.

Choosing the right type depends on your specific needs and client requirements. Type 1 offers a basic level of assurance, while Type 2 provides a more comprehensive and deeper dive into your control environment.

The SOC 1 Certification Process in Canada:

Obtaining a SOC 1 report in Canada involves collaborating with an independent auditor who will:

  1. Understand Your Business: The auditor will gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization, its services, data flows, and the existing control environment.
  2. Identify Relevant Controls: They will work with you to identify the critical controls impacting your ICFR, considering industry best practices and client expectations.
  3. Perform Procedures: The auditor will perform testing procedures based on the identified controls to assess their design and operating effectiveness 
  4. Issue a Report: The auditor will issue a SOC 1 report summarizing their findings and providing an opinion on the suitability and operating effectiveness (Type 


Trust and transparency are essential for service organizations in today’s data-driven landscape. SOC 1 Certification in Canada is a powerful tool to build client confidence, demonstrate your commitment to data security, and gain a competitive edge. Investing in this rigorous yet rewarding process can position your organization for success in the Canadian market. SOC 1 Certification in Lebanon

What Factocert SOC 1 Certification Can Do For Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SOC 1 Certification in Canada stands for International Organization for Standardization. It plays an essential role in maintaining various market sectors’ standards. It starts right from manufacturing an item to providing a product. It is an independent, international organization that develops standards for ensuring the safety, quality, and efficiency of the services and products across Canada cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton

For industries in Canada, SOC 1 certification might be called for by legislation or contractually. But, even if that’s not the situation, satisfying SOC 1 criteria has many advantages for organizations: Saving money and time by recognizing and resolving persisting issues, Improving system, and process effectiveness.

While all the Standards are necessary for different organizations, some of the mandatory  Certification Standards in Canada are:


  • GDP Certification: Good
    Distribution Practices
  • GLP Certification: Good
    laboratory practice
  • GMP Certification: Good
    Manufacturing Practices
  • GDPR Certification: General Data Protection
  • SOC 1 Certification: System
    and Organization Controls 1
  • SOC 2 Certification: System and
    Organization Controls 2
  • SA 8000 Certification: Social Accountability
  • RoHS Certification: Restriction of Hazardous

Although the cost of SOC 1 Certification in Canada depends on the type of SOC 1 Standards, Factocert provides the best SOC 1 Certification services at the most affordable price across Canada.

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