Seven key principles of ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam?
ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam

Seven key principles of ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam?

ISO 22000 certification in Vietnam is the recently revised International Food Safety standard created to bring together globally the requirements for food safety management for food-related businesses in the chain.

ISO 22000 combines and enhances the fundamental components in ISO 9001 and HACCP to offer a practical framework for creating the implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement of an established Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in the context of the company’s overall risk management.

ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam Principles:

  1. Customer-focused – Focus on customer striving to enhance the experience of the parties involved and customers will keep customers in the loop, expand their customers’ numbers, and inform their requirements and desires by keeping track of the company.
  2. Leadership – goals, leaders must create a sense of unity by aligning their strategies, policies, procedures, and resources. This will result in greater coordination between the company’s procedures. The key is to establish an environment of trust and integrity. It is essential to provide employees with the needed assistance and training and the authority to perform their duties with accountability.
  3. Engagement of the people – to improve efficiency, get people involved at all levels. This is accomplished by communicating with employees about their requirements, sharing information and experiences, and recognizing their contributions, learning, and growth.
  4. Method of processing The process approach – when the activities are understood before they are executed to deliver output. Efficiency increases by understanding the organization’s capabilities and determining the constraints on resources before taking action.
  5. Improvement – is essential for an organization to keep growing current performance levels. This can be achieved through proper training and making them aware of how work is carried out with audit, track and review planning, implementation, acknowledgment, and acknowledgment, which will lead to anticipating external and internal threats and opportunities for better efficiency of the process.
  6. Evidence-based decision-making – The point is that all the decisions made should be based on the assessment of information. This can lead to better decisions, and the intuitions shouldn’t be ignored.
  7. Relations management – Manage relationships with relevant parties such as providers. Control relationships with the relevant parties like suppliers. This can do this by maintaining a properly-managed supply chain, which ensures the ability to maintain a steady flow of products and services, and determining the parties’ relationship that is necessary to be managed,

Implementing ISO 22000 Certification to Vietnam Food Safety Management System (FSMS)?

  • Submitting of Request for Information (RFI)
  • The issue of a quotation
  • The submission of an application
  • Perform Stage One Audit
  • Perform Stage 2 Audit
  • Recommendation and Approval
  • Issue of Certificate
  • Audits of Surveillance and Recertification

The benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Vietnam Food Safety Management System (FSMS)?

  • Ensure customers know about the food’s quality and the ongoing execution of the program.
  • Evidence that your company is committed to food safety. The Food safety management system is properly designed, monitored, and reviewed (internally and externally) and gives feedback to decision-makers.
  • ISO 22000 includes and goes over existing HACCP programs. It provides management system components vital to companies’ comprehensive food safety programs.
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