HALAL Certification in Saudi Arabia

HALAL is one of the standards which is recognized internationally, and when we hear about HALAL, we can assume it as something related to the Islamic religion.

HALAL word is originated from the Arabic language, which means Lawful, allowed, or permitted. HALAL certification services in Saudi Arabia are available. And according to the book of Al jhurani HALAL is some ability which is required to meet the physical needs, which includes food beverages and medicines.

HALAL registration services in Riyadh is a must. So we can say that HALAL in Al Khobar is the permit ability to drink and do something which is based according to today Islamic principles and laws.

We can say that it is one of the universal terms which can be applied to all the facets of life. The word HALAL in Dammam not only refers to the consumables or the products which are related to Muslims, it has a wide variety of scope of applications which includes the human relationships, manners and clothing, business transactions trade and final services to investment and so on which are related and specified according to the Islamic laws.

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Dhabi HALAL refers to poultry and meat, which are slaughtered according to the rituals of the Muslim religion. HALAL registration in Riyadh is mandatory.

The opposite word of HALAL is Haram which means prohibited or Forbidden for the consumption of Muslim people according to the producers perspective the ingredients which are used in the food products would check for the permissibility and even the suppliers food check for the HALAL approved items and parts because many elements would have been received from various sources in order to be sure.

Consuming HALAL products has given a broader scope and perspective. The HALAL concept is composed of all the aspects of human life which offers a beautiful and a better meaning when it is viewed from the quality, hygiene and cleanliness point of view.

So we can consider that the consumables which are intake should not only be of good quality, safety and hygienic but it also should be HALAL. HALAL audit services in Saudi Arabia is very stringent.

The consumables which are in taken by Muslims are considered as HALAL except for the one which is mentioned in the holy book Quran.

The Islamic religion permits their followers the hygienic, safe, and enjoyable quality foods and drinks. So consuming the HALAL food products is not only mandatory in serving Allah but it is a kind of an obedient way to show that the materials or the ingredients which we consume are not harmful in any nature, as Allah permits only to have excellent and hygienic food for human existence. HALAL consultant in Saudi Arabia will be helpful in achieving the practices.

And there are many products and food items which are considered to be HALAL and non-HALAL now let us go through briefly in the specific phrases.

Species which are acceptable for the consumption (which are considered as HALAL)

Generally beef, lamb, buffalo, rabbit, cattle’s, giraffes, Camels are acceptable animals which can be used for consumption.

And the birds which are permitted to eat are Turkey, geese, chicken, ducks, fowls, and hens.

The species which are unacceptable is poked. All the products which are related to pork ingredients are unacceptable according to the laws of Islamic. Because they are considered as a haram according to the community of Muslims and it is stated in the holy book Quran.

Factocert is the answer if you are confused on How to get HALAL certification in Saudi Arabia. And raising, trading, transporting or getting any benefits of pork or by its products is considered to be Haram.

Few animals are considered as predators those are also considered as Haram because they have fangs and talons such as cats, dogs, tigers, jackals, wolves, foxes. And domesticated animals like mules donkeys thought as Haram.

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And birds which are predators such as vultures, Eagles, cross, pelicans, and other scavengers and milk or eggs related to these species are also considered as Haram, and they are not used for consumption. And all together we can say that the animals which are not appropriately slaughtered according to the Islamic law should not be consumed.

There are chances that the animals or birds are not healthy, and sometimes it would have died, so in these cases, the food and meat shouldn’t be consumed as they are considered Haram. HALAL cost in Saudi Arabia is affordable.

Spiritual and humane process- slaughtering practices

As discussed earlier we know which are the birds and animals that are to be consumed. During the slaughtering processes, the birds and animals should be given a proper appreciation and a treatment to reduce the pain and suffering of the species which has to face the slaughtering process.

HALAL services in Saudi Arabia is the right option.

During the slaughtering period Takbir and Tamiya, blessings have to be said over each bird or animals by the train the slaughter, which is considered to be a ritual process while slaughtering the creators.

HALAL audit in Saudi Arabia is strict. Blessings Have to be pronounced by their own and recording the benefits through phone and starting off with slaughtering process is not acceptable.

Slaughtering practices which are not allowed

  • During the entire process of slaughtering the blessing should be given, it shouldn’t be stopped in between.
  • HALAL audit services in Saudi Arabia is conducted by the external authorized body.
  • Blessings have to be said after all the slaughtering process is completed to cover all the slaughtered animals that day.
  • Recordings of the blessings should not be done during the slaughtering process it is considered to be Haram.
  • The slaughtering process has to be conducted as per the Islamic laws, and if it is against the rules, then it is unacceptable.

Various authors have given their interpretations on HALAL food now let us see one by one

  • Al Qaradawi: The food which is healthy and hygienic and which are in accordance with the teachings and blessings of the Quran and sunnah, Inna and Qiyas.
  • ceramic and Bogdanovic: The food which is prepared according to the Islamic law and it should meet with the following conditions
  • The food should not contain any ingredients or elements which are against the law of Islamic religion.
  • HALAL certification process in Saudi Arabia is least complicated with sufficient knowledge.
  • During the transportation Storage for production processes product should not come in contact with the prohibited or not allowed substances.
  • Dollar, Yusoff, and Ibrahim: It bound to the aspects of storage, display, slaughtering, preparation sanitation cleanliness, and they should not be against the health. And all the food ingredients and products which are related to food should meet with the dietary laws of the Islamic religion.
  • Hazare and Ramezani: The whole process from the farm to the table should be nutritious, and it has to be prepared from permissible and allowable ingredients with the hygiene and clean manners.
  • HALAL certification bodies in Saudi Arabia are the authorized body.
  • Ambali and Bakar: The foods which are not processed, prepared, or manufactured using the ingredients or the instruments which are free from contaminations would be considered as an impure according to the law of Sharia.
  • HALAL in Saudi Arabia is a mandatory requirement.
  • said et al.: Human beings are free to eat or drink anything they want and there is no any religious proof prohibiting it, and their constituents are free from any unlawful, prohibited, contamination or impure elements

Here is all about the authors having different opinions on the HALAL standard, which makes them think in their way so that food can be consumed in hygienic and clean, so there is no any Haram to their body when it is consumed.

Let us see the benefits of being certified by the HALAL standard

  • It confirms all the Muslim consumers that the food which they are in taking is according to the Islamic laws, and it is HALAL.
  • It gives an assurance to the customers that the food which has been served is healthy and HALAL.
  • The environment where the food prepared is spotless, and hygiene and all the sanitation procedures are in place.
  • HALAL consultant services in Saudi Arabia is the critical knowledge source.
  • It helps to attract the Muslim customers and also the non-Muslim customers because they feel that the food which prepared is according to the Islamic law, the food would be immaculate and hygiene so that it would be safer for them to consume without any contamination.
  • It helps to increase the revenue and profits of the restaurants and helps to increase the marketability, especially to the Muslim countries.
  • HALAL consulting services in Saudi Arabia is the resource for achieving the certification. HALAL certification consultants in Saudi Arabia are the leading knowledge resource to certify the organization.
  • In the case of exports, the HALAL certificate plays a vital role so that it gives an assurance to your consumers that you are following all the principles defined according to the Islamic laws.

for HALAL food products

  • Food products which are certified and labeled by HALAL are very high because there is much demand for the HALAL certified products. Most of the people are doing business by using the term HALAL where they can export or import the meat products which can bring profit to their organization. There is a lot of reasons, including the competition between the customers domestically and internationally.
  • HALAL consultancy in Saudi Arabia is the base for certification in the market.
  • If the products are not labeled and packed with the HALAL logo, then there are more chances of losing the business. HALAL consultancy services in Saudi Arabia will make the process easier and effective. HALAL is certifying them then definitely every product has to be packed neatly and the logo should be pasted on the packages.
  • So being a HALAL accredited organization makes a game trust to your customers that you are following all the rules and condition defined according to the Islamic laws, food is Clean and hygienic to consume. .

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