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8 Requirements to get ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka

The ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka or Information Security Management System standard has quickly become the global standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

 The standard specifies four core components of an ISMS, including:

  • Risk management, 
  • Information security organization, 
  • Asset management, and 
  • Communications and Training.

 ISO 27001 Certification also contains extensive documentation requirements and several guidelines on other aspects of information security management, such as privacy and regulatory issues.

What is ISO 27001?

  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created a standard that companies can create an information security management system (ISMS).
  •  ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that focuses on setting controls for how organizations manage, protect and monitor information security.
  •  As a certified ISO 27001 business, you’ll be able to prove your dedication to data security. 
  • Though it requires work upfront, it’s well worth it—fewer than 1% of all businesses have ISO 27001 certification in Sri Lanka.

Why do I need to get certified?

  • If you are a company that handles sensitive data or operates critical infrastructure, you have to get ISO 27001 certified. 
  • Several industries require it—for example, healthcare and finance need to use ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka.
  • If you do business internationally, getting an ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka will set your business apart from your competitors and make life easier when doing business overseas. 
  • Obtaining an ISO 27001 certification doesn’t mean means that you’ve put processes in place to ensure that your data is secure and accessible when it needs to be. 
  • It also shows customers, clients, investors, etc., that you take information security seriously—and is a must for anyone dealing with personally identifiable information (PII).

What are the requirements for ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka?

There are mainly 8 Requirements to get ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka:

Assemble an implementation team: 

  • Your first responsibility is to choose a task leader to oversee the ISMS deployment. They must have a thorough awareness of security specifics and the power to manage a group and issue instructions to supervisors.
  • The task leader will need the assistance of a group of people. Senior management can choose the group or enable the team leader to select their team.

Make an execution plan:

Following that, you must begin planning for the implementation itself. 

The execution team will use the work necessary to create a more detailed list of safety and security reasons, a strategy, and a risk registry.

Begin the ISMS:

  • Now that the plan is in place, it’s time to decide which continuous improvement approach to employ.
  •  ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka does not identify a specific strategy, instead advocating a “process way.” It is simply a Plan-Do-Check-Act procedure.
  • If the needs and procedures are specified, well implemented, and constantly assessed and improved, you may utilize any design.

Define the scope of the ISMS:

  • The next step is to understand the ISMS’s structure.
  • This activity is critical in defining the scope of your ISMS and the extent to which it will be used in your regular operations.
  • As a result, you should identify everything relevant to your company to guarantee that the ISMS can fit your needs.

Recognize your baseline for safety and security:

  • The minimum degree of action required to operate an organization firmly is defined as its protection standard. 
  • Using the information gathered in your ISO 27001 risk assessment, you may establish your protection standard.
  • It will aid you in identifying your organization’s most significant security vulnerabilities and the corresponding ISO 27001 control to mitigate the risk.

Create a risk-monitoring procedure:

  • The essence of an ISMS is risk management. Almost every aspect of your safety and security system is dependent on the risks you’ve identified and prioritized, making risk management a vital capability for any firm implementing ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka.
  • Organizations can use the Standard to establish their risk management practices. Typical strategies focus on risks to specific assets or hazards that are openly stated.

Implement a risk management strategy:

  • The implementation of the risk management plan is developing the security measures that will safeguard your organization’s information assets.
  • To ensure that these controls are appropriate, you must guarantee that the team can operate or interact with management and be aware of their information security commitments.

Measure, monitor, and evaluate:

  • You won’t know if your ISMS is working or not unless you assess it. We recommend doing this at least once a year to guarantee that you can maintain a careful watch on the developing hazards.
  • The evaluation approach comprises identifying criteria that correspond to the objectives you outlined in the job description.
  • A standard metric is a quantitative investigation in which a number is assigned to whatever is determined. It is useful when using items that have monetary or time expenses.

Validate your ISMS:

Once the ISMS is in place, you may decide to pursue ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka, in which case you must prepare for an external audit.

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