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ISO 22000 Certification in Manila

Requirements of ISO 22000 Certification in Manila

ISO 22000 Certification in Manila (FSMS) – Requirements

New users are recommended to refer to the Food Safety Management System Standard to learn the specific requirements of ISO 22000 Certification in Manila (FSMS). As a new user guideline, we are addressing all of the most crucial needs of the ISO 22000 standard so that users can better grasp FSMS.

  • Develop the organization’s Food Safety Team and Team Leader as Food Safety Team Leader (FSTL)
  • Develop the Process Flow Diagram alongside Process Descriptions.
  • Construct the Product Descriptions (Raw Material, Ingredients, product-Contact, End Products, etc.)
  • Develop the plant’s layout and surrounding area
  • Identify the Potential Food Safety Hazards and conduct the Hazard Analysis, where the Food Safety Hazards are a substance included in Food -which could be a biological, chemical, or physical substance with a negative effect on health. Analysis of Food Safety Hazards is a crucial requirement for Food Safety; therefore, organizations must identify the Potential or present contaminated Food Safety Hazards from Food, conduct the appropriate analysis to determine the sources of Food Safety Hazards contamination, and take the necessary steps to prevent contamination in Food Products.
  • Identification of Internal and External Issues of the Organization Affecting the FSMS of the Organization, Risk Analysis, and Implementation of Appropriate Mitigation Measures.
  • Mention the requirements and anticipations of the Interested Party (such as customer, regulatory Body, etc., and so on)
  • Construct the Food Safety Policy and Objective and disseminate it inside the organization for awareness and make it accessible to interested parties (where possible). Periodically examine the Food Safety Policy and goal.
  • Define the Roles and Responsibilities of All Organizational Team Members Regarding Food Safety and Ensure at Least One Organizational Member is Responsible as Food Safety Team Leader (FSTL)
  • Ensure that the organization’s infrastructure and work environment are suitable for supporting food safety and capable of preventing food safety contamination.
  • Ensure that the organization’s personnel are sufficiently knowledgeable about Food Safety, Food Safety Hazards, Personal Hygiene, Sanitation, Health concerns, HACCP, CCP, PRP, OPRP, Customer requirements, Potential Emergency Situations, Food Safety legal and regulatory requirements, Product Handling, and Disposal, etc. Additionally, timely training is provided to them to maintain currency.
  • Timely Monitor and promote the prevention and reduction of pollutants (including food safety risks) in products, product processes, and the workplace.
  • Develop the Traceability System – which may include Product name /Number, Date of Manufacture, Batch no / Lot Number, Best before Use, etc. – so that it may be recalled/withdrawn if there are any problems with the product and so that it can assist in taking appropriate action as required.
  • Identify the Potential Food Safety Emergency and its preparedness and periodically test the readiness to ensure that it is serving its intended purpose.
  • Develop the HACCP plan, monitor the CCP and OPRP, and periodically assess and update the HACCP plan.
  • Create a strategy for Handling potentially hazardous goods and Disposal of nonconforming goods.
  • As required, develop a system for the withdrawal/recall of products.
  • List the appropriate legal and regulatory requirements and assure compliance with them.
  • Monitor the organization’s overall Food Safety Performance.
  • Develop the system for Timely Internal Audit of Food Safety Management System Implementation.
  • Develop the Timely Management Review System for the adopted Food Safety Management System

These are the summarised requirements of ISO 22000, which will assist the company in developing a deeper understanding of the ISO 22000 ISO 22000:2018 Standard and obtaining ISO 22000 Certification in Manila. In addition to these requirements, the ISO 22000 Certification in Manila standard should be consulted for further specific FSMS criteria.

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