ISO 22000 Certification in Azerbaijan |Requirements
ISO 22000 Certification in Azerbaijan

Requirements of Food Safety: ISO 22000 Certification in Azerbaijan

ISO 22000 Certification in Azerbaijan is one of the most important aspects of any business. It has become essential to ensuring food safety, quality, and regulatory requirements. In Azerbaijan, FSMS certification is mandatory for all companies producing, processing, and distributing food products nationally. Moreover, it is also a requirement for transnational companies that provide food safety management system certification services in Azerbaijan.

Requirements for ISO 22000 Certification in Azerbaijan

ISO 22000 certification in Azerbaijan is a standard for food safety management. It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to improve food safety and quality in the general public, business, and government sectors worldwide. To obtain an ISO 22000 certification, you must meet specific mandatory requirements that include:

  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Risk Assessment and Control Plan

Vital elements for acquiring ISO 22000 FSMS certification in Azerbaijan

ISO 22000 certification is an international standard for food safety management systems. It is a voluntary standard and not legally binding, but it can be used as a basis for regulatory requirements.

ISO 22000 is a risk-based standard that focuses on preventing foodborne illness rather than its detection or control once it has occurred. It defines five key elements:

  • Risk assessment (including environmental and economic factors)
  • Control objectives, policies, and procedures to achieve these objectives
  • Management system elements ( i.e., hazard analysis/risk assessment) * Hazard identification/critical control points (HACCP)* Internal audit process

HACCP Principle (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point)

HACCP is a food safety management system. It is a systematic preventive approach to food safety aiming to minimize the probability of foodborne illness through a series of critical control points (CCPs). The CCPs are the essential steps in ensuring effective and efficient processing by identifying hazards, establishing procedures for monitoring them, and controlling them when necessary.

HACCP has been identified as a best practice in risk assessment and, therefore, should be adopted by all stakeholders involved in ensuring the safe processing of foods at multiple levels: producers/suppliers; manufacturers; retailers; transport & logistics companies; distributors/wholesalers, etc., as well as by consumers themselves who may choose not only what they eat but also how it gets from farm gate until plate!

General requirements for ISO 22000 certification in Azerbaijan

ISO 22000 certification is a global standard for food safety management. It requires that organizations meet the requirements of the standard and apply them to their day-to-day operations, including:

  • The establishment of an organization’s policies and procedures for ensuring food safety;
  • The development of plans to implement those policies and procedures;
  • Management systems based on sound science ensure effective monitoring, recording, analysis, and corrective action when needed.

How to get ISO 22000 Certification In Azerbaijan

Factocert is an organization that assists ISO 22000 consultants, having a broad range of experiences with the manufacturing standards of all industries. For those who wish to receive certification in your business or company or want to implement the standards in your workplace, you can contact Factocert-ISO Consultants by going to, where you will find the forms you need as well as personnel available who can help and assist you with any certification questions. We at Factocert will be glad to help your company throughout its journey within the ISO 22000 Certification process. You can also send an email to

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