More about ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria
More about ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria

More about ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria

ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria of clause number 5 of the standard is all about Leadership – Keep in mind that leadership plays a wider role in implementing ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria in an organization. So you need to give appropriate consideration and proper consideration to this clause. So let’s discuss what this clause is all about this clause is divided into three steps. Clause 5 of clause number 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. 

The requirement of clause 5.1 – Is that the company, which is going to implement ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria needs to show its commitment by taking overall accountability of the Environmental Management System, how you are going to demonstrate that leadership is to take a risk by taking overall accountability of implementing the system. 

The requirement of Clause 5.2 that can lead to sole commitment exhibited by an organization is the development of objective as an organization, or you can say as a leader, you need to develop environmental objectives you need to establish those objectives, which you are going to achieve. During the implementation of ISO 14001 in Nigeria, particular to the requirement of your organization.

Another way in which leadership commitment can be shown is the availability of resources, anything that needs to be implemented needs resources, and resources can be in terms of workforce, resources you can say are wood, lands, and other environments. So, you need to provide the necessary resources, essential resources, and in this way, you can show leadership commitment. 

Clause 5.3 is communication – Now what is meant by communication by communication we mean that you need to disseminate the importance of the Environmental Management System up to all the levels of your within your organization. Another way to show commitment is to show commitment towards continuous improvement, and by giving all of this to the system.

You can also demonstrate your leadership commitment. So, the last 5.1 pertains to leadership commitment, and by these six things, you can show leadership commitment. Those steps that you should maintain and develop a policy.

You should establish a policy, you should maintain it, and you should act on it. Now, what is meant by the policy? The policy is nothing but a document that shows your eagerness and readiness of your organization in terms of leadership. So you need to develop an environmental policy and in that environmental policy, you need to show three commitments. 

  • The first one is for the production of the environment. 
  • The second one is for the fulfillment of any compliance obligation that can be applied to your organization, and the third commitment you need to show in your policy is the company’s commitment to continual improvement. If you show these three commitments in any usage of words, your policy is complete 

Clause 5.3 of this leadership clause states that you need to identify roles and responsibilities you need to identify them and you also need to disseminate the information regarding these roles or different responsibilities.

For example, you need to inform you need to aware people of their particular responsibilities. So, by working on this three sub-flow over five, an organization can show leadership commitment and if leadership commitment is clear if leadership commitment is up to date, then you can rest assured that your ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria can be implemented with ease, and it can bring fruitful results.

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