ISO 27001 Certification in Nigeria

ISO 27001 certification in Nigeria says all about the information security, so it is a systematic approach in managing the sensitive company information so that it remains secure.

ISO 27001 certification services in Lagos include the processes, people, and its systems by applying a risk management process. ISO 27001 is one of the essential requirements for any industry.

ISO 27001 registration services in Ibadan can be used to small, medium or large businesses in any sector which wants to keep the information secure, but ISO 27001 registration in Benin City focuses more on the IT industries as data security is more critical in this kind of organization.

Because these IT industries work based on the information, and it is their assert, if there is no data security, then it would be more difficult for them to improve in any activities.

Successful businesses understand the value of money, time, information, and excellent communication and confidentiality.

So the ISO 27001 audit services in Port Harcourt is as much about exploiting the opportunities of the interconnected world as it is all about the risk management.

ISO 27001 certification consultant in Nigeria was introduced to provide a model for implementing, establishing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an information security management system and applying this information security management system should be one of the critical and strategic decisions for an organization.

The implementation and the design of an information security management system would influence by the needs and objectives of the organization, security requirements, the process employed, and the structure and size of the organization.

ISO 27001 consultants in Nigeria would be scaled based on the needs of the organization, for example, a complicated situation requires a complicated ISMS solution, and similarly, the simple position requires a simple ISMS solution.

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ISO 27001 services in Lagos specifies the management system, which is interested in bringing information security under the control of management and gives a specific requirement.

Every organization would have several information security controls, but without implementing an information security management system, the authorities cannot organized.

ISO 27001 standard can use. ISO 27001 certification cost in Nigeria is very reasonable.

Let us see how the process can approach in ISO 27001 standard

To establish, monitor, review, maintain and improve the organizations’ information security management system ISO 27001 audit in Nigeria adopts a process approach.

To function effectively, the organization has to identify and manage the activities.

Any activity in the organization using resources and maintained to convert the inputs into outputs can consider as a Process; more often, the output from one event directly forms the information to be next process.

The application of a system of processes in an organization, together with the interactions and identification management can consider “Process approach.”

ISO 27001 audit services in Nigeria helps to understand the importance of process approach for its users, and they listed as below:

  • The policies and objectives for an information security management system have to be established by understanding the organization’s information security requirements.
  • The information security management system has 114 controls in 14 clauses and 35 control categories according to the standard requirement, by implementing and operating controls it manages the organization information security risks which, in turn, the overall business risk of the organization can reduce.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the information security management system, the monitoring and reviewing performances have to do so that we can keep track of the achievements of the processes in securing the data.

By objective measurement, the continuous improvement has to do because any organization cannot improve, so there should be a line of continuity to have an increase in the organization.

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ISO 27001 certification process in Nigeria uses the PDCA model, i.e., plan – do – check – an act which is applied to structure all the information security management system processes.

It explains that how an information security management system takes input as the information security requirements and expectations of interested parties and produces the information security outcomes through the necessary actions and processes to meet with those requirements and expectations.

PLAN: It explains that how an information security management system takes input as the information security requirements and Expectations of interested parties and produces the information security of outcomes through the necessary actions and processes to meet with needs and expectations.

DO: It helps to operate and implement the ISMS policies, controls, processes, and procedures.

CHECK: It checks and measures the performances against the objectives, ISMS policies, and practical experience and report the results to the management for review so that it would be helpful for them to take decisions further.

ACT: It helps to maintain and improve the ISO 27001 security policies, by taking the corrective and preventive actions based on the results of internal audit of ISMS and the management review or the relevant information to achieve the continual improvement of the information security management system

It helps to maintain and improve the ISO 27001 security policies, by taking the corrective and preventive actions based on the results of internal audit of ISMS and the management review or the relevant information to achieve the continual improvement of the information security management system.

ISO 27001 certification bodies in Nigeria individual requirements that have to be met by management, and they are listed below:

  • The top management has to examine the organization’s information security risk systematically taking count the number of threats, vulnerability, and the impacts.
  • A comprehensive and coherent suite of information security controls or other forms of risk treatment (like risk avoidance or risk transfer) has to be designed and implemented to address those risks that are unacceptable.
  • By adopting an overarching management process, it ensures that the information security controls will continuously help to make the organization information security needs on the day-to-day basis.

The scope of the certification process of ISMS can determine by the management and may limit to a single business unit or a location.

When you are ISO 27001 certified it says that you met with all the requirements of the standard and following all the controls and objectives of the standard.

ISO 27001 consultant services in Nigeria is compatible with another management system as well like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to support consistent and integrated implementation and operation with the related management system.

One Management System can be designed to satisfy the requirements of all these standards.

And this ISO 27001 consulting services in Nigeria is designed to enable an organization to align or integrate its information security management system with related management system requirements which would help the organization to implement the standard.


ISMS has other families such as ISO 27000, which provides guidelines for ISO 27001 based on designing implementing and operating an information security management system.

Benefits of ISO 27001 standard:

By implementing ISO 27001 consultancy in Nigeria in an organization provides to eliminate or minimize the risk of a security breach that could lead to having legal or business continuity implications.

An effective ISO 27001 information security management system provides a framework for the management by establishing the policies and procedures that will keep the information secure and the format maybe whatever.

And we know that it is very damaging to an organization if the information gets in the wrong hands or into a public domain.

So by maintaining and establishing the documented system of control and management, the risks can be identified and reduced.

  • If you are certified by ISO 27001 consultancy services in Nigeria, it shows that the business has information protected from getting into unauthorized hands
  • ISMS ensure that information is very accurate and it can be modified only by the authorized users.
  • ISO 27001 certification consultants in Nigeria assesses the risk and reduce the impact of a breach.
  • I ISO 27001 in Nigeria helps the organization to be independently assessed to international standards based on the industry best practices.
  • you are ISO 27001 certified it demonstrates that you have identified all the risk, evaluated the implications, and put these systems in place the controls to limit the damage in an organization.

Coming to the other benefits of an information security management system, it includes:

ISO 27001 in Ibadan helps to increase the security and reliability of the systems and the information which in turn leads to gain trust among the customers that the data are very secure and helps to build more number of clients tends in expanding the market.

If the information has tight security, then the customers or the client would be in peace.

Hence it might attract the number of clients and increase the business.

It helps to have proper alignment with customer requirements.

It involves the improvement of Management processes and integration with corporate risk strategies, and also it helps in business resilience.

These are the few benefits of information security management systems which helps in improving the process of the organization by securing all the information of the clients and also the Assets of the organization which would reduce the risk and gain more number of customers by giving a trust that the company is ISO 27001 certified, and it has met with all the requirements of the standard.

ISO Certification in Nigeria

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