ISO 22000 Certification in Turkey

ISO 22000 certification in Turkey is essential, and ISO stands for international organization for standardization, it has introduced 21000 + of standards, and it just publishes the standard.

Among this, ISO 22000 certification services in Istanbul is a standard which related for the food safety, and it is derived from the quality management system ISO 9001 as it is one of the necessary and generic measures applicable for all kind of organization.

ISO 22000 registration services in Ankara stand for food safety management system where it can apply for the organization which is into the manufacturing of foods, starting from production to consumption.

By implementing ISO 22000 registration in Izmir in their company they can show to their customers that they have met all requirements of the food safety management system and all the systems are in place.

ISO 22000 audit services in Turkey introduced because the food safety hazards can occur at any stage in the food chain, so it is essential to have adequate control to be placed.

The ISO 22000 certification consultant in Turkey specifies the requirement of food safety management system that involves the following points:

  • interactive communication
  • system management
  • Prerequisite programs and
  • HACCP principles

Now let us go in brief:

  1. Interactive discussion 

It is essential to have an excellent conversation on the food chain to ensure that the food safety hazards identified and the adequate control steps taken within the food chain and this communication imply between the upstream and downstream in the food chain within the organization.

The connection between the suppliers and customers about the identified hazards and control measures will help in clarifying the customer and supplier requirements.

The organization has to recognize roles and positions within the food chain, which is essential to earn sure of effective communication throughout the process to deliver safe and quality products to the end-users and consumers.

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  1.     System management 

The structural framework of the management system consists of effective food safety systems which have been established, operated and updated and they are incorporated into the overall management system activities in the organization, and this provides a higher benefit for the organization and also for the interested parties.

As informed earlier to enhance the capability of both the standards ISO 22000 has been aligned with the ISO 9001.

ISO 22000 services in Turkey is an independent standard, and it can be applied independently without the other management system, or it can also be integrated with the existing management system requirements.

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  1. Prerequisite programs

Coming to this section, the prerequisite programs are conducted to ensure that the procedures or a step including good manufacturing practices are in control and operational with the conditions of food safety and they also promote the environmental conditions that are favourable for the production of safe food.

These prerequisite programs are the foundation for the food safety management system and also for the HACCP system.

These prerequisite programs also help in proper housekeeping concerns like cleaning and sanitizing, the safety of water, prevention of cross-contamination, exclusion of pests and other potential prerequisite programs.

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  1. HACCP Principles

These principles are used in ISO 22000 audit in Turkey as it is related to food safety, and they are listed below:

  • Conduct hazard analysis
  • Identify critical control points
  • For each essential control, point establish critical limits
  • Developing monitoring requirements for each critical control point
  • Establishment of corrective actions
  • The procedures have to be set to ensure that the system is working as expected
  • The records have to maintain the established procedures

So these are the few requirements of the food safety management system which helps the organization to be more productive.

The specific requirements have to be addressed by the food safety management system in ISO 22000 audit services in Turkey.

The standard requires food safety management system processes, including:

  • The top management has to develop a food safety policy in the organization so that, ISO 22000 certification process in Turkey should be understandable by all the employees in the organization to create awareness about the standard.
  • Setting an objective is the primary goal in an organization that will drive the companies to meet with the policies that have been defined by the ISO 22000 certification bodies in Turkey.
  • The top management has to take part in designing and planning a management system, and those things have to document in order. Here acts as a proof or a documentation part for food safety management system.
  • The records maintained for the performance of the system because these records might help the continuous improvement of the process. So comparing files with the achievements of the order, we can concentrate on the part where the organization of the process is lagging.
  • The top management has to select or qualify the group of individuals who can and make up the food safety team because these ISO 22000 consultant services in Turkey plays a vital role in setting up the goals to achieve the ISO 22000 standard requirements.
  • The communication procedures have to be defined to have effective communication with the essential contacts which are outside the company for example with customers, suppliers, regulatory and others and to have adequate internal communication; the communication procedures has to be defined.
  • So that whenever the new person or a new employee joins the organization, this procedure might help them to identify the policies, objectives and goals to meet ISO 22000 consulting services in Turkey requirements.
  • In an emergency case, the emergency plan has to maintain so that during any accidents or breakages, this plan might help them to avoid those things.
  • So the emergency plan has to be maintained and recorded.
  • Management review meeting has to be done because there we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the processes. And we shall get to know what are the root causes of the defects that are occurring in the organization and what best solution we can get by implementing ISO 22000 consultancy in Turkey.
  •  the adequate resources have provided, which includes the training and the qualified persons, sufficient infrastructure and appropriate work environment to ensure food safety in the organization.
  • And as discussed earlier, the prerequisite programs have to be conducted to give awareness among employees, which includes cleanliness and other standard objectives. And these prerequisite programs help to control the operational conditions within the Food Establishment and promote all the environmental conditions which are in favor for the safer food and this act as a foundation for food safety and HACCP system.
  • HACCP is a systematic approach which helps in identification, evaluation and control of food safety hazards based on their principles, and this is discussed above in the previous topic. So by following HACCP principle, we can achieve a food safety management system in the organization.
  • The tractability system has to be established for the identification of the product manufacturing industries because this tractability helps in tracking any food through all the stages of production, processing and distribution.

The tractability system in the food safety system has benefits like the supply chain visibility, It helps in quality control of these systems, and It helps to reduce the risk.

  • The corrective actions have to establish because it involves preventing, eliminating or reducing the identified hazards so that the food is safe to eat. The corrective actions focus on what to do when the food does not meet the critical limits, for example, the essential limits like time, temperature and water activity.
  • Non-conforming products to appropriately handled. Non-conforming product has to be identified and controlled to prevent the unintended use of the delivery.
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  • When the products released from production, the documented procedure has to be maintained for handling withdrawal of products, because the product has to be handled in a systematic process when it’s ready to use by the end-users.
  • So by referring to this documentation, one can easily manage the withdrawal of the products. ISO 22000 in Turkey are beneficial.
  • To identify the risks and accidents in a food manufacturing industries proper devices have to maintain for measuring, controlling and monitoring this might be helpful for Proper path or an approach to reduce the accidents and the risk.
  • The internal audit programs have been maintained and established in the organization. Because auditing internally helps to know every department’s status and what are they into and helps to identify the defects in their departments.
  • So by conducting internal audit programs in the organization helps to avoid risks in the future and ISO 22000 certification consultants in Turkey would help you to overcome these problems.

By maintaining all these records and following all these requirements which mentioned above, we can continuously improve the food safety management system in the organization so that the customers would be satisfied and the process also be continued improved.

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