ISO 22000 Certification in Lebanon

ISO 22000 certification in Lebanon says the main agenda of this standard is to establish the obligations of food safety. Here also represented in simple terms as FSMS which stands for food safety management system.

Food or eatables which come under primary resource for human life, which makes it an essential thing in day to day life to survive.

ISO 22000 certification in Beirut gives guidelines to an organisation who are involved or associated with food manufacturing or supplying industries.

The application of this management system is to provide a caution about food safety, food transportation or storage, and it covers almost every quality management system path to preserve food safety.

Here ISO 22000 certification in Tripoli offers the organisation which indulge its service with their food will have a better-upgraded system, boost customer satisfaction, and possess an effective control of food safety hazards.

ISO 22000 registration in Lebanon or the Food safety management system includes all type of organisation that comes under food chain which May range from raw material providers, primary producers through food manufacturing, transportation and storage operations and also the vendors or sub-contractor who are involved in the food industry or food outlets.

Also, many industries, including food packaging, cleaning agents, bottles, restaurants, ingredients, retailers. In ISO 22000 audit services in Lebanon, the organisation and the management will know about the right decision, and they also know that by taking a great choice at the right time the growth of the company can be very prosperous.

ISO 22000 certification services in Lebanon is efficient. Global recognition becomes a piece of cake by implementing ISO 22000 certification consultation in Lebanon in the organisation.


ISO 22000 unified with the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and Internationally Recognised Standards from Codex Alimentarius:

The international organisation for standardization managed to publish a standard that compliance test food industry is ISO 22000 with the combined programs of HACCP principles and the describe procedures which are followed by the codex Alimentarius.

The laws which are associated with the application of the HACCP system are implemented by ISO 22000 consultant in Lebanon:

Threat investigation: Investigating the workspace of the organization and analyse precautionary measures towards food safety. ISO 22000 registration services in Lebanon is helpful.

Bring out a schematic structure rectify threats which may produce any biological chemical or physical damages to food in any industry such as manufacturing storage or transportation.

Determine the critical control point: Any threat that is causing a distraction in the process can eliminate from a system If suitable measures.

Similarly, the most vital factor that is affecting the process by any means is identified and then find out a path to eradicate the hazard or to scale down into minimal level where it can be tolerable.

Initiate a specific limit to each critical control point (CCP): By setting up restriction point to every Critical point, it is easier to ensure any chemical, physical or biological hazards on food eliminate or at the tolerable limit.  

Initiate CCP auditing requirements and disciplinary operations: To make sure every process intact, attentively monitoring the CCP is necessary. You are frequently doing the audit on how the flow of work is going on.

The disciplinary action arrives when the divergence appears in the established control critical limit. This Disciplinary action is fundamental to ensure that the consumption of food is not dangerous. An organization can easily afford the ISO 22000 certification cost in Lebanon. 

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Initiative strategy to secure the structure of HACCP and documentation: The system is up and running at birth any modulation provided for manager authorised earlier, and it should include in the plan.

Every procedure was determining CCP, critical limits, fluctuation in control. And process modulation should be recorded, and documentation has to do.

ISO 22000 services in Lebanon states that brief instruction should be given every day on supervising, verifying and validating procedures to each staff. 

Codex Alimentarius: ISO 22000 audit in Lebanon includes this Alimentarius.

Here consists of all mandatory standards and code of practice for food labelling, food additives, commodities, crops and food pesticides industries.

The industry which involves food production which to expand their Wings to export their product to foreign market must and should consider the Codex standards seriously. These standards ensure the safe growing, processing, packaging, testing and shipping practices of food.

The organisation can build up it’s a brand just by mentioning their products accepted in most of the nations, in its market around the world.

ISO 22000 audit services in Lebanon, helps promote international food trade and protect the consumer in the increasingly globalised food supply chain.

Benefits for the organisation by implementing a food safety management system are: 

Be the proud recognised and standardise company in a group of commutators. 

Necessary source instrumentation plans. 

The organisation runs with the systematic and organised Documentation method. 

ISO 22000 certification process in Lebanon includes excellent outlining of internal and external processes within the system. 

Awareness about food safety hazards controls in the organisation ensure a profitable margin.

Institutive actions than in there on the hazard analysis. 

Efficient control over food management system within the organisation. 

ISO 22000 certification bodies in Lebanon have consultants who offer to implement standards with magnificent result and credibility of the organisation. 

Schedule alertness. 

Targets set on each crucial phase. 

Most exceptional circulation of resources and time management inside the departments in the organization. 

ISO 22000 consultant services in Lebanon help to establish a rapport with ISO 9001 standard (QMS).

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Importance of the implementation of ISO 22000 Standard

ISO 22000 consulting services in Lebanon are plenty. This particular standard ISO 22000 has been implemented all over the world in more than 50 countries for different types of food industry based on their services.

ISO 22000 standard applications are to meet the compliances set by the food safety management system requirements.

There has to audit processes often in an organization. ISO 22000 consultancy in Lebanon assist the organization by implementing this particular standard in an organisation, the communication composition between the departments or any part of the company can fill.

Here brings out the interaction among the individuals in an organisation. The participation of the management system will be a significant factor that will be prominent importance to the organisation. To make sure the first development of the implementation of ISO 22000 consultancy services in Lebanon helps regarding the food safety involvement of every structure in the company is necessary.

The HACCP guidelines will assist with establishing the hygiene regulations in the industry who are taking care of the food business. All kind of threats and risks which are associated with the management of the food must mention, and appropriate description should give in the HACCP plan.

ISO 22000 is one of the globally accepted standards. This standard is the must and should ISO certification have acquired by an organisation who are into the food industry. 

The significant difference between HACCP and ISO 22000 standard is that the latter is standard where mention the food business processes and structure impact for the scopes associated with it. Where in HACCP is more concerned with food safety.

ISO 22000 certification consultants in Lebanon offer to understand the difference between this factor. 

Prerequisite Programs and Some Measures:

Standard ISO 22000 must necessarily have established PRP programs to have control over how the contamination of the food can we stopped in a work environment.

The organisation should give topmost prominent to maintain hygiene premises whenever it is a concern for manufacturing or storing or transportation of food.

The organisation should take a step forward in knowing the particular requirements to maintain the necessary things required to keep a healthy working environment.

Infrastructure requirement for the implementation of ISO 22000 in Lebanon, contamination commodity other product should be as the meaning of as possible the design layout, and the maintenance of the infrastructure should be always under maintenance and provided the efficient stamp for cleaning. Contamination should be in limitation.

To maintain cleanliness non-toxic Utensils and appliance used. The atmospheric condition, such as temperature humidity must be measured often.

When it comes to transportation precaution taken for preventing the contamination or deterioration of the product, the environment inside a transportation facility must be maintained with cleanliness and hygiene.

The amount of Product transported from one place to another should be in the specified limit as per the standard concern.

Every ongoing operation must be under surveillance at all times. The employees who were taking care of this operation should be aware of any process. Every employee should have a mindset to face a situation that can arrive unexpectedly.

Personal hygiene condition of each staff must take very seriously. In the workspace, there should be no reason for any uses when it comes to handling food in a hygiene state. Dress code and safety awareness should explain under training.

Product information is a significant source for marketing the product.

For example, if the organization belongs to the manufacturing and packaging industry, the expiry date and manufacturing date on the product must be mentioned.

Displaying information regarding the product about the package is relevant information for the customer to buy according to their requirements.

The employees must be aware of some of the below practices, so it keeps the workplace hygiene for the food industry.

Any eatables nearby the working area is restricted, smoking habit must not encourage while working, no other objective or any electronic gadgets must be brought in the workplace, wearing coat or apron made mandatory, changing the gloves from time to time after it gets dirty should be practiced, cosmetic related products such as fake fingernails, false eyelashes are not brought in the working place.

Purpose of a security guard must always be in the premises, making sure there is no external or internal thread that is affecting the system. Guards must keep for security processes such as area security, storage security, shipping security, mail handling security.


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