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BIFMA Certification In Jordan

BIFMA Certification In Jordan

Factocert offers BIFMA Certification in Jordan and its cities of Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, and Russeifa. BIFMA is an abbreviation for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association, which tests for safety and durability and the standards within the office furniture industry. It verifies that office furniture is of commercial standard and can withstand more than 9 hours of daily use.

BIFMA Certification provides multi-attribute, sustainability standard, and third-party certification scheme. Individual organizations, or in certain circumstances, independent test laboratories or certification bodies, have been left to determine whether a product needs to be confirmed with a standard based on the testing requirements specified in the standard.

Factocert is Jordan’s leading BIFMA Consultant, offering BIFMA Certification. BIFMA Certification in Jordan is one of the standards that apply to the furniture and pharmaceutical sectors.

It is one of the United States’ global standards designed and published for consumers, suppliers, and vendors. The standard prioritizes user safety, comfort, durability, sustainability, and higher quality goods.

BIFMA certification Services in Amman is a recognized standard since it is the only International standard accessible for the furniture business.

Because this is the only standard that focuses on giving excellent items to clients, it will assist in attracting people to your product. BIFMA registration services in Irbid will assist your organization in increasing process efficiency throughout production and reducing waste. 

When computed annually, the benefit of the standard is employed where the majority of firms worldwide are spending to cut down on unnecessary costs.

What Are The Steps To Get BIFMA Certification In Jordan?

BIFMA Certification in Jordan

More About BIFMA Certification in Jordan:

BIFMA registration in Zarqa is a unique standard that benefits both the producer and the client. This one-time expenditure is critical to growing in this competitive market environment, as raising your firm to an international level is tough without international certification. BIFMA audit services in Jordan are one of the essential areas that most furniture firms strive to avoid to save money. 

It will aid in identifying the process’s flaws that directly influence the quality of the items being created.BIFMA Certified Consultants in Amman would be an excellent alternative to assist you in understanding the dos and don’ts of process efficiency. Implementing internally without the assistance of a consultant would result in increased costs and time waste.

 As a BIFMA consultant in Irbid, having the proper knowledge of the furniture sector and the standard requirements will assist you in becoming more aware of the standards and industry best practices.Obtaining BIFMA Certification for your organization to increase the shelf life of your furniture will allow you to keep your office furniture year after year with no wear and tear.

BIFMA is a voluntary standard for business and institutional furniture manufacturers to administer and develop the furniture industry. It is generally tasked with leading, designing, developing, advocating, advising, and developing models for the office and institutional furniture industries. Office furniture’s dependability and durability keep businesses functioning.

BIFMA Certification in Jordan addresses a wide range of issues, including :

  • Safety;
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility;
  • Durability and Strength;
  • Recyclability and Recycled Content;
  • Chemical Content and Emissions;
  • Reliability;
  • Overall Quality;
  • Flammability and Electrical Components;
  • Material and Energy Efficiency;
  • Environmentally Conscious Design;
  • Waste and Water Management;

BIFMA Certification is regarded as the criteria of furniture quality & safety that offers a productive venue to accomplish higher sustainable features. Manufacturers who get the level certification mark confirm that their policies and standards for delivering the furniture world follow BIFMA plans. A voluntary standardization of sustainable furniture and components satisfies the BIFMA standard’s strict standards. Organizations can select the level of BIFMA standard.

An organization may take its product to a higher degree of compliance by regularly improving it. BIFMA sets furniture marks on a defined scale. The BIFMA Standard requires compliance with four distinct categories of criteria:

  •  Materials
  •  Energy and the Environment
  •  Human and Environmental Health
  •  Social Responsibility

What are the benefits of the standard?

  •  BIFMA consultant services in Zarqa assist your business or product brand to become globally known, allowing you to boost your profit margins and sell for free in foreign markets.
  •  BIFMA consulting in Jordan may assist you in obtaining maximum orders since, in this competitive market, customers prefer to purchase from firms that have embraced International standards inside the organization.
  •  BIFMA Services in Amman will lead your workers to work for a firm that adheres to international standards, directly influencing staff retention.
  •  A BIFMA consultant in Irbid can assist you in obtaining more orders from government tenders. It also assists you in increasing process efficiency, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

What standards are BIFMA testing designed to address?

BIFMA testing facilities examine the following aspects of a product:

  •  Safety
  •  Sturdiness and strength
  •  Recyclability and recycled material
  •  Sustainability
  •  Chemical composition and emissions
  •  Flammability
  •  Electrical elements
  •  Material

BIFMA Test Examples:

BIFMA tests vary in intensity depending on the product type. There are several sorts of tests, including:

  •  Horizontal Stability Test for Caster Desks and Tables
  •  Leg Strength Examination
  •  Cycle Test for Top Load Ease
  • Force Stability Test for Tall Desk & Table Products
  •  Desk/Table Unit Drop Test
  •  Vertical Work Surface Adjustment Test
  •  Seat Drop and Base Stability Test for Office Chairs
  •  Office Chair Tilt Mechanism Test
  •  The Pull Force Test

How Factocert Helps in  Obtaining BIFMA Certification in Jordan?

Factocert is a renowned consulting firm providing advice, audit, and certification services. We are one of the one-stop solution providers that can assist your organization or business in being certified to International standards at an affordable rate. We are accessible to help you with your certification requirements. Please get in touch with us at . To learn more, visit our official website at  and register your requirement. We will ensure that one of our certification experts contacts you as soon as possible to understand your certification requirements better and provide one of the best solutions in the market.

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BIFMA audit services in Jordan are essential because if you’re facing the BIFMA audit in Jordan you have to be very careful about every parameter in your organization but when you join hands with Factocert. We as a BIFMA Consultancy Service provider in Jordan, are tagged up with so many different BIFMA certification bodies in Jordan.

Benefits of BIFMA Certification in Jordan

You will have the edge over your list of BIFMA certified companies in Jordan.

Marketing becomes very easy when you have certification tagged on to your name and which will help you to get into a global market and be a global player.​

Employee satisfaction rates increases which are directly proportional to your employee retention and by retaining your critical employees you will have higher stability as a company​

A government will recognize you for having such BIFMA Certification in Jordan

You will be automatically qualifying for any tenders because most of the companies require you to certify for BIFMA Certification in Jordan for participating in tender​

Customer satisfaction rates will go high, and you will not have to face any more consequences from your customers or your vendors​

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BIFMA Certification Consultants in Jordan

What else are you waiting for the only step you have to take care about is getting in touch with us, and we would take the best care, and in no time you would be certified for relevant BIFMA certification in Jordan you prefer. Most thing companies worry about is BIFMA  service cost in Jordan but let us just tell you that BIFMA cost in Jordan is not what you should be thinking of because when this certification can give a boost to your organizations process. We will make sure that the cost of BIFMA in Jordan is as minimal as possible. 

To get you BIFMA Certification Services in Jordan  than we assure you 100% guarantee results and we ensure that you will definitely be certified because have 100% success rates till date in getting our customers certified. So get in touch with us as early as possible and get your BIFMA certificate in Jordan at the earliest.

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