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As nearly every activity has been digitized and computerized in recent years, the Information Technology sector has grown substantially. In order to obtain a competitive edge in the market, it is evident that IT organizations must uphold their commitment to providing streamlined services that guarantee consumer contentment. Implementing a management system in accordance with international standards can therefore be extraordinarily advantageous.

A collection of ISO Certification for IT Industry standards, published by the International Organization for Standardization, guarantees the effectiveness and caliber of an organization. Adherence to international standards facilitates the establishment of credibility for IT organizations within the market.

Standards of ISO Certification applicable to the IT industry:

ISO 9001 Conformity:
The implementation of a quality management system within an organization is facilitated by ISO 9001. This standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of the industry to which they pertain. It aids IT industries in guaranteeing the caliber of their services.
ISO 14001 Conformity:
It is mandatory for all industries, including the IT sector, to exhibit their dedication to environmental sustainability. In this regard, ISO 14001 certification may serve as evidence of your environmental stewardship and adherence to pertinent regulations.
The ISO 45001 Norm:
Productivity and occupational safety of employees are inextricably linked. An IT company that obtains ISO 45001 certification can effectively showcase its dedication to ensuring a secure working environment for its personnel.
ISO 27001 Conformity:
The implementation of information security management systems, which safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of data stored within organizations, is facilitated by the ISO 27001 standard. The IT industry handles vast quantities of online data that must be safeguarded against loss or breach.
ISO 22301 Conformity:
This standard facilitates the establishment of a Business Continuity Management System within an organization and aids in the detection and eradication of any potential threat to business continuity.
ISO 27701 Standard:
This standard assists organizations in complying with the GDPR and is an extension of ISO 27001 certification pertaining to data privacy. It is also known as PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) and it establishes a framework for the data management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) processors and controllers.

Advantages of ISO Certification for the IT sectors:

  • Facilitates a competitive advantage for the entities
  • Assists them in providing high-quality goods and services that satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Facilitates the streamlining of complex processes
  • Facilitates the fulfillment of evolving market demands by means of consistent progress.

ISO Certification procedure for the IT industry:

  • application
  • audit teamwork assignment
  • Document observation
  • Audit of Certification Independent review
  • Notification of audit for certification surveillance
  • Evaluation Reassessment
    The certification procedure continues. To view the subsequent ISO certification process steps, please proceed here.

    ISO certifications are of the utmost importance in a vast array of industries. In addition to facilitating the enhancement of organizational processes, they guarantee the uninterrupted provision of services across the supply chain. Click here to learn more about Sis Certifications.


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