ISO 9001 vs. ISO 27001

ISO is an acronym for an international organization for standardization which established in the year 1947 and the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The main aim of ISO is to publish the standards, and it defines the norms and rules to overcome the risks for all the products that people use.

Not only that also includes provisions how product manufactured, but quality also has to test, and how the information security.

Depending upon the process and scope of the organization, ISO has published more than 22000 + of standards throughout the globe.

Among which ISO 9001 is one of the first and generic standards which can apply to all the organization which is looking for customer satisfaction and the process improvement.
And another standard ISO 27001 specifies the requirement for an information security management system it provides a Framework for procedures and policies which include all the physical, legal and technical controls involved in the organization’s information management processes.

Let us know more about ISO 9001 & ISO 27001

Every organization works to meet a customer and legal requirements, so it is becoming more common to the organizations to maintain and obtain the multiple ISO certifications.
One of the great combinations of the certification which has gained more popularity is ISO 9001, quality management system, and ISO 27001, information security management system.

As discussed earlier ISO 9001 is a quality management system which specifies the requirement for an industry or organization to demonstrate its capability to provide the entire product and services consistently to meet the regulatory and customer needs.

If the organization has achieved an ISO 9001 certification, it means there is a successful demonstration of the process which involves the product or service of the operation, customer focus, development and design of services and products, infrastructure, input and output designs, and how the process managed externally.

Now coming to ISO 27001, it is an International standard which focuses on the useful information security management system of the organization by implementing the standard.
If the organization certified by ISO 27001 standard, it means the organizations can manage the information security risks by implementing the standard along with other supporting standard ISO 27002.
ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are two different International standards which specify different requirements, but few factors shared between these two standards, which includes:

  • Scope
  • Leadership
  • Support For Human Resources
  • Document Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Monitoring And Measurement
  • Review Of The Management
  • Continual Improvement

And the differences we can find between these two standards are listed below:

ISO 9001 – The main objective of ISO 9001, quality management system is to maintain all the expected quality standards in the industry or an organization, and it does not require SOA (statement of applicability).

ISO 27001 – The main objective of the information security management system is to garments for implementing, establishing, maintaining, and continuously improving the information security risks. Along with this that utilizes the controls to support the information security management system from the standard ISO 27002.

Both standards have different requirements and are very helpful and useful when they implemented for the organization.

So if your organization choosing for both the rules, they would be benefited from a quality point of view and also on the information security point of view.

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