ISO 9001 Certification in Turkey

ISO 9001 certification in Turkey is essential for the organization. ISO is one of the critical requirements for every organization which is accepted worldwide and ISO 9001 certification services in Istanbul helps in all kind of issues related to services, quality, safety or other risks.

Its headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland, and it started in the year 1947.

ISO, ISO 9001 registration services in Turkey, is one of the non-profitable, non-government and independent organization, and it consists of members of 164 countries. There are more than 21000 + of standards in ISO which classified into certifiable and non-certifiable.

ISO 9001 registration in Izmir is very active.

As discussed that there are many standards in ISO, among them, ISO 9001 plays a vital role.

ISO 9001 audit services in Turkey is one of the primary certifications which can apply to all kind of industries. It helps to achieve customer satisfaction and also helps to meet the quality requirements.

ISO 9001 stands for Quality Management System, which specifies the provision of quality.

ISO 9001 certification consultants in Turkey is one of the most commonly used standards, and it is applicable for all the organizations. Irrespective of the size of the company, nature of the business or the type of the organization it is suitable for all.

ISO 9001 consultants in Turkey specifies that their products are safe and the process is safe, reliable and also of good quality. ISO 9001 certification consultant in Turkey also helps to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements as well.

ISO 9001 is a process certification which helps in improving the process of an organization from starting till the end.

ISO 9001 in Turkey helps to identify all the risks that are in the organization and tries to reduce the risk by giving super solutions which will make the organization process easier and stronger.

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Revision of the standard:

All the ISO standards are reviewed every five years to keep updated on the current technologies and proper up-gradation for the competitive market.

As you know, the business nowadays is very complex and each every one of them is involved in bringing out the best in their companies, so ISO helps in providing all those qualities and helps to identify the risks and put them in a correct place.

To meet the present situation and also to meet with the requirements of this competitive market, revisions have been done for ISO standards. It may be in terms of documentation or in terms of technologies or introducing new words and definitions involved in a standard requirement would be added in this revision.

Which would help to improve organizational structure and keeps your company to the same level of the present situation?

The previous version was 2008 now the present revision has done for the year 2015 with new up-gradation and also the new technologies that are involved in this standard requirements.

Now let us know the advantages of ISO 9001

  1. The first thing is, and helps inconsistency as well it is applicable for all the organization even if it is small, medium or large Industries. The primary purpose is to serve for the quality requirements and identify the risk and to provide a better solution to increase its efficiency and consistency.
  2. ISO 9001 audit services in Istanbul helps to communicate internally within the departments and help to work together to meet all the needs and expectations of the customer by conducting an internal audit within the organization while doing the implementation part which would, in turn, be helpful for the consistent growth in the process of an organization.
  3. ISO 9001 cost in Turkey is reasonable and affordable.
  4. ISO 9001 audit in Turkey requires much documentation which allows a business to have a greater understanding the process so which would in turn increases in the more no of controls and reduces the uncertainty with the struggle by attempting to improve the customer satisfaction rates.
  5. ISO 9001 services in Turkey will result in oriented approach by providing quality products and services that are going to meet the customers’ expectations.
  6. ISO 9001 consultancy services in Turkey helps to identify the risks in which all the area it has been affected and helps to improve. It focuses on the objectives and priorities by reducing the risks in the process which may occur during the manufacturing processes, which would directly affect on the customer satisfaction likewise if the products and services are right the end product would be good so we can satisfy the customers and can give number of customers in the market and increase rapidly.
  7. ISO 9001 certification cost in Turkey is very competitive and to know more reach us at contact@factocert.comISO 9001 certification bodies in Turkey helps in meeting the customer’s requirement and also it acts as a marketing tool for exporting and importing of the products which manufactured in the manufacturing industries.
  8. Nowadays, there are many calls for government contracts, so ISO 9001 plays a vital role in applying for the tender requirement.
  9. No organizations entertained if they are not ISO Certified, so every organization has to undergo the ISO process to meet the requirements of the government to apply for the tender need.
  10. As you know ISO 9001 consultant services in Turkey stand for Quality Management System, so the name itself suggests that it involves the quality requirements of any process.
  11. The main agenda of the ISO 9001 consultancy in Turkey is to improve the operation of the organization. Whatever the industry is into like food, medical or any products manufacturers. If the process is good, then the end product also would be right.
  12. So concluding that, to get a proper quality product at the end the whole process that is being carried out from starting has to be good, so ISO 9001 consulting services in Turkey helps in achieving this part.
  13. ISO 9001 certification process in Turkey helps to increase the profit for the organization by reducing the wastage as the process would be upgraded.

So these are the few advantages that mentioned here might be helpful for you to understand the usefulness of the ISO 9001 standard.

The standard has certain principles of quality management and them as below:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

Let us go through these principles in brief

Customer Focus: Customer focus, this is one of the essential law in quality management system because in any organization or any manufacturing industries quality is one of the most important things what customers ask.

So the focus Fossil should be on the quality if the quality is good, the customers should be satisfied.

To satisfy that customer, we have to understand their needs. And to meet the requirements, you also have to understand what the customer wants so that we can build and deliver the quality product or services by focusing on customer satisfaction.

Leadership: Leadership is one of the most valuable principles in the quality management system, where it establishes a vision and direction for the organization and helps to set challenging goals.

Helps to build trust among the employees and also it empowers the employees.

Engagement of people: In this principle, it recognizes the Peoples abilities, and they are carefully valued. It helps in continuous improvement, which enables learning and knowledge sharing as well among the employees.

It also evaluates the individual performances and also helps in open discussion for any problems Hence it acts as a platform for the people to have a dispute regarding the issue in the organization and take part in all the activities.

Process Approach:  it is one of the most commonly used parts of every organization. So every organization would be having its approach in delivering the product, so there has to be a specific process to meet the end product.

It helps to manage the activities as planned and also it helps to check the relationship status between the events and prioritize those improvements and deploy the resources efficiently.

So a systematic approach for every process in manufacturing industries has to be done to meet the standard.

Improvement: This principle in the quality management system helps to improve the performances and capabilities, and also it takes part in empowering the people to make the improvements and measure their consistency so that deployment of resources can be done effectively.

In any organization, development is the key to success.

So the process or an approach has to be improved on a day to day basis to keep the organization updated to the current situation of the current competitive market.

Evidence-based decision making: the appropriate methods and approaches have to be done so that a correct decision can take and they are also based on the practical experiences the analysis has to do so that the wastage of time can be reduced, which in turn the employees would be more effective and productive in the organization.

Relationship management: It helps to identify and select the suppliers to manage the resources and costs. It helps to build a short term and long term relationship with customers by sharing resources, information’s and also the plan with partners.

These are a few principles that would be helpful to implement the ISO 9001 quality management system in your organization which makes your organization stronger and keep you updated on the current technologies in this competitive market.

ISO certification in Turkey

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