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10 things to consider with ISO 45001 Certification in the Philippines

ISO 45001 certification in  Philippines

ISO 45001 Certification in the Philippines To combat this problem, a team of occupational health and safety professionals has developed a standard for ISO 45001. Occupational accidents and diseases are major problems for employers and the economy: the loss of pre-retirement plans, unemployment, and rising insurance premiums cause problems every year. The first level covers areas of health and safety and occupational health management. It is supported — especially about the concepts involved — in other general management systems such as ISO 9001 — quality management system and ISO 14001-environmental management system.

ISO 45001 certification in Philippines provides important information on the ISO 45001 certification in Philippines requirements of the health and safety management system. The ISO 45001 standard defines priorities and also provides a comprehensive guide to assist organizations and businesses of all sizes and types in providing safe workplaces.

10 things of ISO 45001 certification in Philippines

Here are 10 bigger issues that organizations will need to make sure they address international occupation health and safety (OH&S):

1. Staff

Employees play a major role. Some ISO standards refer to “subordinates,” but ISO 45001 certification in Philippines uses the term “employee,” which is defined in terms and definitions as a person who performs work or work-related activities under the organization’s control. The reason for this is that the main focus of the OH&S management system is not to harm people, and this employee description should ensure that all people are covered.

2. Size

The ISO 45001 standard is much larger than both previous OH&S levels. The new ISO 45001 certification in Philippines comes with 18 requirements.

3. High-Level Structure

If your OH&S management system looks like a High-Level Structure, that’s not right. Businesses must ensure the integration of OH&S management requirements into their business processes.

4. Staff Participation

For those who know about High-Level Structure and other levels, you will see the inclusion of the term “employee participation” in the leadership category. This differs from OH&S and reinforces the previous OH&S standard, which required consultation only.

5. Obstacles or barriers to participation

This requirement will be a challenge for some organizations, but it is one of the key additions. It is well known that a business is only equal to its people — and this requires that employees be involved in how OH&S is managed in their work.

6. OHS opportunities

ISO 45001 certification in Philippines requires the organization to identify both OH&S risks and OH&S opportunities. Now, OHS risks have been in place, and both OHSAS 18001 have requirements surrounding the potential for further development.

7. Social Risks

Senior management must demonstrate leadership by building, promoting, and leading a culture that supports OH&S management system outcomes.

8. Elimination of Accidents

OHSAS 18001 does not include the category of management requirements, and it is not competent as it is included within “Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, and Determination.” This is good because hopefully, it means that organizations are more focused on trying to eliminate workplace accidents

9. Communication

This administrative control includes training, a great amount of communication on doing something right.

10. Communication between multiple employees in the workplace

Many large projects, especially infrastructure projects, have been completed through several organizations, each focusing on a specific work area. ISO 45001 certification in Philippines detects a problem.

Having a clear health and safety management system can help you identify specific risks and track which staff member is responsible for them. While the ultimate aim is to keep employees safe from harm, reducing the risk of accidents, claims, costs, and interruptions benefits any business.

Compliance with ISO 45001 certification in Philippines can allow your organization to demonstrate health and safety credentials, impress new and existing clients, and win and retain business, including government contract opportunities. Contact Global Manager Group to get readymade ISO 45001 certification in Philippines Documents on occupational, health, and safety management systems to comply with all ISO 45001:2018 requirements.

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