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ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria

What is the Process for Getting ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria?


ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria some mandatory requirements for implementing a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in Annex SL. Sections 4 to 10 of Annex SL list these. While the first three sections contain scope, normative references, and terms and definitions, they are mostly devoted to introducing the standard. FSMS-specific requirements are discussed in the following. 

  1. Context of the organization – This section discusses all the factors that may be relevant to your organization. Customer, client, contractor, stakeholder, and other interested parties can be external or internal.
  2. FSMS Leadership – This section discusses the responsibilities of top management in ensuring an effective FSMS. The system facilitates the assignment of roles to staff and provides smooth communication.
  3. This section identifies risks and develops action plans to deal with them promptly.
  4. The organization is informed of the tools, technologies, and resources required to implement the FSMS in Section. 
  5. Section Operation This section assesses the existing procedures and compliance with the legal obligations. Risk assessment must be performed regularly.
  6. Monitoring and measuring the performance of your FSMS can be used to evaluate its performance regularly. By doing so, you ensure that your organization’s management system is capable of meeting the objectives it has set.
  7. Continually improving your management system ensures your organization can meet changing market demands.


We will guide you in obtaining ISO 22000 certification if you are a Nigerian business. Before inviting a certification body for ISO 22000 certification, you must operate your FSMS for some time and document the process. You must fill out an application form containing your organization’s details. Once the certification body of your choice has reviewed your application form, a quotation will be provided, after which your certification audit can be scheduled.

There are a few mandatory steps for obtaining ISO 22000 certification in Nigeria. To achieve accreditation, you must take care of the following documents:

  1. This is the first step in verifying your documentation, and an internal auditor performs it.
  2. At this point, management will identify the practical realities of your organization and review the gaps.
  3. Corrective activities – Certain disciplinary actions must be taken to close the gaps identified by internal audit and management review. Proper documentation of all punitive measures should be provided

The Other Critical Benefits Of ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria

  • The Certifications in Food Safety Management System(FSMS) provide clients with the capability to investigate meal techniques, become aware of capacity hazards, and determine crucial management factors.
  • Reduces limitations to global alternate.
  • It will increase the safety of meal products.
  • It allows assembly meal protection, criminal compliance, and corporate requirements.
  • Products are internationally identified and consequently more secure to use.

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