Which Industries Need ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka? Factocert

Which Industries Need ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka?

Some industries need ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka to run their businesses legally. Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business, or you’re already established and looking to improve your systems, be sure to keep these industries in mind when making decisions about the type of Quality Management System (QMS) you should implement

Who needs a Quality Management System (QMS)?

  • Since it was first published, more than 850,000 organizations have used ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka. 
  • Organizations of all sizes and from various industries have relied on ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka to gain an edge over their competition. While many businesses choose to pursue ISO 9001 Certification for brand identity or to get ahead of industry competition, others do so because they understand how being certified can help improve business and financial performance. 

What is an ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka?

  • An ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka or Quality Management System (QMS) is an organizational structure that defines how an organization wants to do business. 
  • The objective of a QMS is to provide customers with products and services that consistently meet their needs and expectations. 
  • Achieving quality excellence, has multiple benefits for organizations. 
  • These include increased revenues through sales growth, increased customer loyalty, improved employee morale, lower operating costs through cost reduction programs, more significant product innovation and development, etc. 
  • To ensure that your organization meets these high-quality delivery standards, you will need to implement a robust Quality Management System. 
  • One of the most recognized systems for doing so is ISO 9001:2015, launched by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2015.

The Main industries that require ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka:

Because of its dependability, confidence, and trustworthiness among customers, investors, and stakeholders, ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka is highly recommended for:

  • Construction Companies
  • Engineering Companies
  • Oil & gas/petrochemical industries
  • Health industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Hotels and Hospitality 
  • Technology Services industries

What are the benefits of having an ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka?

  • For an organization to be successful, it has to meet its clients’ requirements and expectations.
  •  One of quality management’s biggest challenges is not meeting customer requirements identifying them. 
  • The problem starts with a misunderstanding of quality and how organizations should achieve it. 
  • The concept itself is easy to understand—it’s all about exceeding customers’ needs and expectations so that they continue doing business with you.

Why choose Factocert for ISO 9001 Certification?

Factocert is a well-known ISO 9001 Certification Consultant in Sri Lanka. Services for ISO Consultants are accessible in Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Trincomalee, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, and other major towns. We carry out and set global standards and provide third-party audits and International Standard Certifications. For further information, visit www.factocert.com   or send an email to contact@factocert.com  .

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