How to obtain CE Mark Certification ?

CE marking is an approval factor that is provided on the products to meet the conformity by the European Union. If any product is affixed with CE mark, it means that the product has reached the requirements of European Union health and safety.

To get the legal authority for your product inside the European countries, CE marking is made mandatory.

This confirms that the product has achieved the minimum legal requirements which are published by authorized derivatives set by the EU nations.

  • Let’s consider what the benefits that system can Unleash are is the product has been certified with CE marking.

Advantages of getting CE Mark for the product company.

  • CE Mark stands as a passport for the product which has to get into European market place. The company will have a legal right over the products to get the distribution in and around the European countries.
  • By following the conformity that are derived by the European Union.
  • The institution will have a standard way of processing the procedures. We provide the best CE Mark consultants.
  • The concern on the quality of the product can be fully eliminated.
  • The product which is having CE marking on them can delivered worldwide.
  • The product company should go for CE marking which are having the CE mark derivatives.
  • Conformity like Medical devices, construction materials, cable wire, weighing machines, measuring unit devices and many more.

Why to go with CE Mark/Use of CE Mark ?

The CE marking affixing on the product ensure the distribution inside the European Union, which consists of 30 countries in total.

The measures taken to meet the requirements of CE mark will show the customer, the strong commitment towards product safety.

  • The company can easily have the way of building the brand name for the company just by having the worldwide distribution of the product.

This can be easily achieved by getting the CE Mark on the product and meeting all the derivative requirements. Just drop an email to us on

What is product certification?

The products are certified by the CE mark according to their needs might be harmful to the end-users and also the company.

To avoid all those claims and damages, one has to go with product certification, which will meet all the legal requirements. The product which wants to get marketed in the European Economic Area has to be certified by the CE mark.

Interesting facts about CE.

CE mark is an global standard which is compiled at different levels.

It provides a guarantee for the conformity of the product to the regulations of the European Union.

If the products are CE certified, then consumers would trust that your products are safe, healthy and nature friendly to use.

By getting certified to CE mark, following are the points to be noted:

  • Technical files related product has to be kept by the company or any other authorities once the product has been released in the market.

The Logo usage should be done according to the European Union rules.

Just by getting certified by the CE mark cannot act as proof of compliance but the technical file for the file does.

CE Mark Logo usage

After conducting an enormous test and passing that successfully, the company or an importer has to affix the CE mark logo on their product. And the logo must be legible and visible on the products or even the packages. This marking and the declaration of conformity together proves that product meets the entire requirement according to the CE directives. Know more about CE Mark cost at

Product labeling rules

  • The letter CE on the product should be visible and noticeable.
  • It should be of size specified by the European Union

If it is not possible to affix the CE mark logo on the product due to the design and size. it can be placed on the package along with the technical file.

The logo should be durable in such a way that, it can face or resist any external harm.

How Factocert can be the best option for you ?

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