How to get GLP Certification in Saudi Arabia

How to get GLP Certification in Saudi Arabia

GLP Certification in Saudi Arabia: 


GLP Certification In Saudi Arabia, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a first-class machine for non-scientific laboratory studies that gives a framework to ensure the consistency, reliability, reproducibility, and traceability of records generated from such studies. GLP certification is a voluntary technique demonstrating a laboratory’s commitment to first-rate compliance with GLP principles.

 In Saudi Arabia, GLP certification is not mandatory for laboratories. However, it’s far fairly endorsed for laboratories that perform non-medical safety and efficacy studies for prescription drugs, agrochemicals, cosmetics, and other regulated products. GLP certification can offer several benefits to laboratories, such as:

  • Enhanced reputation and credibility
  • Increased marketability of laboratory services
  • Reduced danger of regulatory scrutiny

 GLP Consultants in Saudi Arabia:

 GLP experts can provide precious help to laboratories searching for GLP certification. These experts can help laboratories to:

  • Develop and enforce a GLP first-rate system
  • Conduct gap exams to pick out areas for development 
  • Prepare and post GLP certification applications
  • Train group of workers on GLP ideas and techniques

 GLP Auditors in Saudi Arabia:

 GLP Auditors are liable for assessing laboratories’ compliance with GLP ideas. They conduct GLP audits to verify that laboratories’ quality structures are okay and that they follow GLP techniques successfully.

 Cost of GLP Certification in Saudi Arabia:

 The cost of GLP certification in Saudi Arabia varies depending on the scale and complexity of the laboratory. However, laboratories can pay between SAR 50,000 and SAR hundred 000 for the certification system.

 Requirements for GLP Certification in Saudi Arabia:

 To be eligible for GLP certification in Saudi Arabia, a laboratory needs to meet the following necessities:

  • Have a documented excellent machine that is primarily based on GLP standards
  • Have qualified and experienced employees who are skilled in GLP standards and tactics
  • Have okay centres and devices to behaviour GLP studies
  • Have techniques in the vicinity to control all factors of the GLP and take a look at the process

 Procedure for GLP Certification in Saudi Arabia:

 The manner for GLP certification in Saudi Arabia is as follows:

  1.  Select a GLP representative
  2. Conduct an opening evaluation
  3.  Develop and put into effect a great GLP system
  4.  Prepare and publish a GLP certification utility
  5.  Undergo a GLP audit
  6.  Receive the GLP certificates

GLP Certification Bodies in Saudi Arabia:

 There are some GLP certifications in our bodies in Saudi Arabia. These bodies are accountable for assessing laboratories’ compliance with GLP ideas and issuing GLP certificates. Some of the most authentic GLP certification bodies in Saudi Arabia consist of:

  • Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)
  • SGS Arabia
  • TÜV SÜD Gulf
  • Bureau Veritas Middle East


 GLP certification is a valuable device for laboratories that conduct non-scientific safety and efficacy studies. GLP certification can offer laboratories some blessings, including advanced statistics quality, superior popularity, and multiplied marketability of laboratory services. Laboratories that are considering GLP certification should carefully consider the necessities and expenses. However, the benefits of GLP certification can ultimately outweigh the costs.

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