How to choose the best ISO auditor in Myanmar? | ISO 9001 Certification at best cost in Myanmar
ISO auditor in Myanmar

How to choose the best ISO auditor in Myanmar?

ISO auditor in Myanmar lead ISO management system audits, usually independently of the organisation they audit. The ISO auditor of a Certification Body conducts an independent third-party assessment of an organisation’s compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (a QMS Audit) or another specified ISO Standard.

The Certification Body issues a Certificate of Compliance following a successful audit based on the Audit Report produced by the ISO auditor in Myanmar. Learn what to look for in a competent ISO auditor who will provide value to your organisation, based on the six auditing principles:

  • Integrity – is the bedrock of professionalism.
  • Fair Presentation – the duty to reflect accurately and truthfully
  • Due professional care – the use of prudence and discretion in auditing
  • Confidentiality – information security
  • Independence – the foundation for the impartiality of the audit and objectivity of its conclusions
  • Evidence-Based approach – the logical way for arriving at dependable and reproducible audit results in a systematic audit process

The following are essential qualities and traits of a good management systems ISO auditor in Myanmar:

1.Industry background

To verify the ISO auditors’ qualifications, you should examine their certifications. However, experience is frequently what confers industry expertise on the ISO auditor. The more audits an ISO auditor performs, the greater their confidence in their field.

ISO Certification Experts can assist you in selecting a Conformity Assessment Body ISO auditor who is knowledgeable about your sector. The job you perform is practical and takes a value-adding approach. Click here for additional information.

2.Deliberative choices

No one should influence the audit report or its findings. The ISO auditor’s actions, decisions, and summary of audit findings should be the product of a thorough, evidence-based investigation of the company’s activities.

There should be no conflicts of interest or other factors that could influence the ISO auditor’s decisions. The ISO auditor should not accept ambiguous responses and should investigate any issues thoroughly. As a management systems audit is a sampling procedure, the ISO auditor should be able to draw a relevant and objective conclusion in the report based on what they have observed.

3.Capability to comprehend diverse business requirements

In addition to thorough planning and preparation processes and the ability to operate within a variety of corporate structures, other essential qualities of a skilled ISO auditor include the following: ISO auditors in Myanmar must be knowledgeable of the organisation’s:

  • Chosen criteria to comply with, as well as the meaning and aim of each clause,
  • Operations and business activities scope,
  • Industry,
  • Legislative and regulatory mandates,
  • Possible dangers.

4.Time Management

These attributes are equally crucial for a good ISO auditor:

  • Adhering to the proposed schedule
  • attending meetings on time
  • soliciting input on the work’s progress

The employees’ participation in audit interviews may impact the company’s operations. It is crucial that the ISO auditor adheres to their instructions and completes the assignment on time.

5.Proficient communication abilities

A favourable working atmosphere will be created for both the auditee and the ISO auditor if there is clear communication throughout the auditing process. Explaining any findings or nonconformances is essential so that the audit report contains no surprises. On the other side, if something works correctly in the company’s system, the ISO auditor should highlight it and give credit for its outstanding performance.

ISO auditors should effectively communicate by posing open-ended questions. The next step is to listen to the auditee’s response, record the facts, examine the situation, and examine the records. It is crucial to maintain the confidentiality of firm information during the whole auditing process, as ISO auditors frequently encounter sensitive material that the organisation would not typically divulge.

Why should Factocert be your first choice for ISO Certification in Myanmar?

With the assistance of various prominent empires in the country, Myanmar’s federal government is also launching ambitious measures to improve the city of Myanmar to international standards. ISO auditors in Myanmar can assist an organization in enhancing its legitimacy and international recognition, which is a simple process.

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