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ISO 45001 Certification in Canada

How to acquire ISO 45001 Certification in Canada?


ISO 45001 certification in Canada is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard (OHSMS). The standard was published in 2018. The purpose of this standard is to improve the Health and safety of employees at work. Organizations in Canada are involved in various activities where a workforce is required to perform the actions – Construction, engineering services, oil & gas Extractions, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, Transportation, and many other types of organization. 

Several regulations are in place to ensure the safety and Health of their workers, which is the organization’s responsibility, and the organization is taking control measures to provide the same. Considering all the context of Health and safety at the workplace for workers, ILO (International Labour Organization) published several Guidelines and regulations for the organization; at the same time, several industry associations also published the rules for their associated organizations for Health and safety at the workplace.

ISO 45001 certification in Canada – Occupational Health and Safety Management System requirements

OHSMS Standard has detailed requirements of ISO 45001 for implementation to improve OHS performance in the organization by reducing work-related injuries, and the organization may seek expert advice from ISO Certification providers in Canada or OHS consultants. As a quick reference, the summarized requirements of ISO 45001 are given below to inform users of OHSMS requirements.

  • Develop the OHS policy and Objective.
  • Identify the Potential Internal and external issues affecting the organization’s OHS performance.
  • Assess the needs and expectations of workers and Interested Parties (e.g., regulatory body, clients, society, association).
  • Top management’s leadership, commitment, responsibilities, and accountability
  • Establishing, leading, and promoting a culture that supports the OH&S management system’s objectives.
  • Consultation and participation of workers, as well as representatives of workers, where available
  • Managing occupational health and safety risks and capitalizing on occupational health and safety opportunities
  • OH&S management system performance must be evaluated and monitored regularly.
  • Maintain compliance with its legal obligations and other obligations.
  • Conduct a mock drill to develop emergency preparedness and test it promptly.
  • Risk Analysis considering all possible contexts, External Issues, Significant OHS hazards, Legal requirements, etc
  • Conduct the Internal Audit at a specified frequency to verify the OHS system meets the organization’s objectives.
  • Organize the management review meeting promptly.

ISO 45001’s requirements are summarized here. ISO 45001 Certification in Canada requires understanding the detailed requirements for implementing the ISO 45001:2018 standard in the organization.

Is there a list of documents & records required for ISO 45001 certification in Canada?

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy & Objectives
  • A record of the identification and analysis of OHS hazards and risks
  • Participation and involvement of workers in critical OHS activities – such as Policy Development, Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis and Control measurement, Identification and implementation of Legal Requirements, and OHS Performance Monitoring.
  • OHS Training Record
  • Risk Analysis record
  • Record of Compliance with Legal Requirements
  • Record of Mock Drill
  • Record of OHS performance monitoring
  • Record of Internal Audit
  • Record of Management Review

The organization must maintain these important documents before applying to become ISO 45001 certified.

What are the benefits to the organization for ISO 45001 Certification Canada?

Businesses in Canada involved in several activities can gain many advantages from ISO 45001 Certification if the organisation’s OHS at the workplace is a key concern. The important benefits of ISO 45001 Certification are as follows:

  • Complies with legal and other requirements
  • Workplace accidents, ill Health, and incidents can be reduced.
  • Enhance the organization’s OHS performance.
  • Increase the productivity of the organization.
  • The organization’s credibility among the business community will be enhanced.
  • All stakeholders of the organization are more satisfied
  • Create a Safe Work Culture in the organization.

How to acquire ISO 45001 Certification in Canada?

Organizations of any size, boundaries, nature of business, location, etc., can obtain ISO 45001 certification in Canada, regardless of the size, boundaries, nature of business, location, etc. By implementing the OHSMS in an organization and maintaining the necessary compliance documents. The organization can apply for ISO 45001 Certification in Canada by applying for ISO Certification.

ISO 45001 certification can be obtained by following the following steps.

  • Developing an OHSMS and implementing it
  • Meetings for internal audits and management reviews should be conducted.
  • Choose a certification body
  • To find out the cost of ISO 45001 certification in Canada, request a quote from the certification body.
  • The Certification Body Auditors are responsible for visiting the organization to assess the system being implemented.
  • Award of Certification

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