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ISO 22000 Certification in UAE

How is ISO 22000 Certification important

Introducing ISO 22000 Certification in UAE

ISO 22000 Certification in UAE. In today’s ever-changing landscape of the food industry, ensuring the safety and quality of food products has emerged as a paramount concern for organizations globally. ISO 22000 certification presents a structured framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). This certification not only signifies an organization’s dedication to providing safe and hygienic food products but also bolsters credibility and trust among consumers and stakeholders.

However, achieving ISO 22000 certification in UAE demands meticulous planning, execution, and guidance from seasoned professionals. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the steps required to obtain ISO 22000 certification in UAE, highlight the significance of ISO 22000 auditors in UAE and ISO 22000 consultants in UAE, pinpoint notable certification bodies in Abu Dhabi, and shed light on why Factocert stands out as the premier choice for ISO 22000 consultancy services in UAE.

Understanding ISO 22000 Certification:

ISO 22000 stands as a globally recognized standard that offers a robust framework for managing food safety across the entire food supply chain. The certification process typically encompasses several pivotal steps:

Gap Analysis: Organizations conduct a thorough evaluation of their existing food safety practices to pinpoint gaps and delineate the scope of the certification process.

Documentation: Drawing from the insights gleaned from the gap analysis, organizations devise and implement documented procedures, policies, and controls to tackle food safety hazards and comply with ISO 22000 requirements.

Implementation: Organizations put into action the documented FSMS processes and controls, encompassing hygiene practices, sanitation procedures, food handling protocols, and monitoring of critical control points.

Internal Audit: Before pursuing certification, organizations undertake an internal audit to assess the efficacy of their FSMS and identify any non-conformities or areas for enhancement.

Certification Audit: Subsequent to the internal audit and rectification of any non-conformities, organizations undergo a certification audit administered by an accredited certification body. This audit evaluates the organization’s adherence to ISO 22000 requirements and determines eligibility for certification.

Importance of ISO 22000 Auditors in UAE:

ISO 22000 auditors in UAE wield significant influence in the certification process by ensuring that organizations in UAE fulfil the requisites of the standard and adhere to food safety best practices. Several key reasons underscore the importance of ISO 22000 auditors in UAE:

Ensuring Compliance: ISO 22000 auditors validate that organizations comply with the mandates of the standard and implement effective food safety controls to thwart contamination and uphold the safety of food products.

Enhancing Food Safety: Through meticulous audits, ISO 22000 auditors aid organizations in identifying potential food safety hazards and risks, empowering them to enact preemptive measures and maintain the utmost standards of food safety.

Building Consumer Trust: ISO 22000 certification serves as a testament to an organization’s dedication to producing safe and hygienic food products. ISO 22000 auditors play a pivotal role in fostering consumer trust by ensuring alignment with internationally recognized standards for food safety.

ISO 22000 Certification Bodies in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi is home to several certification bodies accredited to furnish ISO 22000 certification services. 

Some prominent ISO 22000 certification bodies in Abu Dhabi encompass:

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC): QCC is the regulatory authority tasked with ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards in Abu Dhabi. It extends ISO 22000 certification services to organizations across various sectors.

Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA): ESMA, functioning as the national accreditation body of the UAE, offers ISO 22000 certification services to organizations in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.

Factocert Middle East: Factocert, a globally renowned provider of testing, inspection, and certification services, offers ISO 22000 certification services in Abu Dhabi.

Importance of ISO 22000 Consultants in UAE:

ISO 22000 consultants play a pivotal role in assisting organizations in UAE in navigating the intricate certification process and attaining successful certification. Several key reasons elucidate the importance of ISO 22000 consultants in UAE:

Expert Guidance: ISO 22000 consultants are experts in nuances of the standard and furnish organizations with expert guidance on implementing effective food safety management systems.

Tailored Solutions: ISO 22000 consultants tailor their services to each organization’s specific needs and circumstances, ensuring the effective implementation of FSMS aligned with organizational objectives.

Preparation for Audits: ISO 22000 consultants aid organizations in priming for certification audits, conducting internal audits, and addressing any non-conformities unearthed during the audit process.

Why Factocert is the Premier ISO 22000 Consultant in UAE:

Factocert distinguishes itself as the foremost choice for ISO 22000 consultancy services in UAE for myriad compelling reasons:

Expertise: Factocert boasts a cadre of highly skilled and seasoned consultants proficient in ISO 22000 and food safety management standards.

Tailored Solutions: Factocert offers customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements and objectives, ensuring alignment with their food safety aspirations.

Proven Track Record: Factory prides itself on a proven track record of aiding organizations in UAE and globally in achieving successful ISO 22000 certification, accompanied by a commendable rate of client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Services: Factocert offers an exhaustive gamut of ISO 22000 consultancy services, encompassing gap analysis, documentation, implementation support, internal auditing, and certification assistance.


Securing ISO 22000 certification in UAE epitomizes a significant milestone for organizations committed to upholding the safety and quality of their food products. With the adept guidance of ISO 22000 auditors, consultants, and certification bodies, organizations in UAE can traverse the certification journey with confidence and attain successful certification. Factocert emerges as the preeminent choice for ISO 22000 consultancy services in UAE, offering expertise, tailored solutions, a proven track record, and comprehensive services. Reach out to Factocert today to explore how they can help your organization achieve ISO 22000 certification and perpetuate the highest standards of food safety.

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