How do you get the best benefit from ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland?
ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland

How do you benefit from ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland?

ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland, an internationally recognized standard, combines HACCP and the ISO 22000 approach in food safety management to ensure food safety at all levels. This standard outlines how an organization can show its ability to manage safety hazards and ensure food safety.

The ISO 22000:2018 standard: what is new?

Numerous significant changes were made to ISO 22000:2018 in the update published on June 19, 2018. These include:

  • Integration is easier: aligning with the Higher Level Structure convention (HLS), which is required for all new and amended standards, allows for greater integration of different ISO standards. It is much easier to add ISO 22000:2018 into an ISO-based management system.
  • It’s easier to understand: A thorough review of the standards has given additional clarity through redefining concepts like PRP and OPRP to allow for a better understanding and implementation.
  • A greater alignment with Codex: HACCP To ensure that implementation follows Codex’s methodology, the requirements closely follow the Codex steps so that the HACCP development is embedded directly within the standard.
  • More straightforward implementation: Specific documented information within the standard allows you to create a set document that conforms with ISO 22000.2018
  • Clarification of PDCA: ISO 22000:2018 clarifies how the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle is applied so that organizations can ensure their processes are adequately resourced and managed and that improvements are made. Revision adopts two interrelated PDCA cycles: the food safety management system and the product production/service supply PDCA. These are based on Codex HACCP principles.
  • The new approach to risk: Previously, the standard considered only the danger posed by the product to its final consumer. This has been changed by applying Codex HACCP principles. Codex HACCP will still be required in the most recent revision. However, an organizational assessment of risk will complement this.
  • The simplified clause structure: this update allows for a more linear approach to its implementation, as it follows a step-by-step process

How do you benefit from ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland

Implementation of ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland could lead to:

  • Better management and communication.
  • Quality, safety, reliability, and assurances
  • Reduce withdrawals and recalls costs.
  • Increased brand loyalty and reputation.
  • More confidence in disclosures.
  • Less foodborne diseases.
  • Food industry workers are safer and have better quality.
  • Improved utilization of resources.
  • Better food safety hazard management.
  • Prerequisite program management.
  • The basis for making decisions.
  • Power centered on priorities.
  • Saves resources by reducing duplication.
  • Better planning, less post-process verification.
  • Design and implementation of a food safety management program.

What does ISO 22000 require?

ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland requires you to create a Food Safety Management System. You will need to have a documented and fully implemented system in your facility.

  • Effective Prerequisite Programmes are in place to provide a clean and sanitary environment.
  • Risk Analysis and Critical Control plan were developed to identify, prevent, and eliminate food safety hazards.
  • Documented food safety management systems have been established to ensure food safety in your company. This includes business planning, management, and daily communication.

What’s the difference between HACCP & ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland?

In many ways, ISO 22000 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP) are very similar. They both focus on food safety. How they do this is what makes them different.

HACCP is a system that identifies and controls hazards in food production. As a result, you can improve the safety of your food products by removing hazards.

ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland is a more generalized version of HACCP. It focuses on food safety throughout the supply chain rather than specific critical points. Although ISO 22000 uses HACCP principles as its guidelines, it extends them. In addition, ISO 22000 covers other areas that HACCP does not explicitly address, like guidance for dealing with allergens.

Why choose Factocert for the ISO 22000 certification?

Factocert, a necessary ISO 22000 Certification consulting company, is located in Ireland, Galway, Cork, and Dublin. We offer a low price for ISO, CE Mark, and Halal Certification Auditings, documentation, and training. A HACCP certification is also available.

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