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HALAL certification in Bahrain, Halal is one of the International standards, and it is a Quran term which means allowed, permitted, lawful or legal. And it is considered as an opposite word for a Haram which means unlawful, illegal or forbidden.

Haram and Halal are regarded as universal terms which can be applied to human life in all aspects. Halal food is chosen by Muslims to eat because as it meets the requirement according to the Islamic laws which they believe that it is suitable for them to consume.

HALAL certification in Manama, ‘Quran’ and ‘Hadith’ has set the rules for which has been followed by generations of the Islamic religion. Halal is not only applicable for food; it can be applied to all the aspects of life which involve the teaching of Islam.

HALAL certification in Riffa, Sharia is a system where Halal is a part of it where it assists the Muslims behavior and actions.

HALAL certification in Muharraq Bring the many aspects according to the practice of Islamic religion.

The definition of Halal is one of the contested issues. And Halal certification in Hamad town can be defined as an object, act or conduct it’s an individual’s independent choice, and if its activities are not performed, there is no punishment or reward.

The food and agricultural Organisation throughout the globe has set up general guidelines Halal when this is adopted by the country members.

HALAL certification services in Bahrain, We know Halal is permissible, allowable and the word Halal food is termed as a food permitted according to the Islamic religion and loss it has to fulfill the following conditions and they are listed below

  • The food should not contain anything which is considered as unlawful or forbidden according to the law of Islamic religion. We provide HALAL registration services in Riffa.
  • If the food is not maintained such as prepared, transported, stored or processed using any utensils or facilities which are not free from Forbidden things according to the Islamic law is considered as a Haram, contact Factocert for HALAL registration in Manama.
  • the first two conditions must be achieved or satisfied by the food products at the time of preparation, transportation, processing, and storage or else it would be considered as a Haram and food should not come in contact with the halal-certified products, We help your organization in HALAL audit services in Bahrain.

In other terms the food can be processed prepare transported installed using the facilities which are already used to perform the non Halal food products by taking proper measures on procedures and cleaning processes which are required to make the facility clean and satisfy the loss that is defined according to the Islamic religion and so does HALAL certification consultant in Riffa will help you achieve them.

Now let us see which are the foods that are not considered to be Halal, including their products and other derivatives that are deemed to be forbidden or illegal, HALAL consultant in Bahrain will be the right people to guide you through the whole process of getting Halal in Bahrain.

  • origin food such as boars and pigs
  • Snakes, monkeys, and dogs
  • Animals which has claws and fangs such as tigers, lions and other similar animals which considered as carnivorous animals.
  • Prey birds which have claws such as vultures, eagles, and other similar birds.
  • Pests such as centipedes, scorpions, and similar animals. And it is considered to be in forbidden to kill ants, bees, and birds like woodpecker according to the Islamic law
  • Repulsive animals such as flies, lice, maggots, and other similar animals.
  • Amphibians such as frogs, crocodiles, snakes, and other similar animals.
  • Domestic donkeys and mules
  • Hazardous and poisonous aquatic and land animals
  • The animals which are not slaughtered according to the law of Islamic
  • Blood

Plant origin food

Dangerous and intoxicating plants and during the processing, toxins, and hazards can be eliminated.


  • All the alcoholic beverages
  • Hazards and intoxicating drinks in all the forms

Additives related to food

From the above-mentioned items, if the food additives are derived, it is considered as haram or unlawful and forbidden.

HALAL cost in Manama maybe your concern but not anymore because we help you get HALAL Certificate in Riffa at the most affordable pricing.

So these are food products that are considered to be haram.

Now you know whom to contact if you are thinking How to get HALAL certification in Bahrain?

To make the food products and other land animals to be lawful the task to be slaughtered according to the Islamic laws and it should follow the hygiene practices to maintain the fresh meat and the these are the following requirements that have to be followed

  • The person who is going to slaughter the animals should be of Muslim, and he should be knowledgeable about all these killing processes and procedures according to the Islamic religion. Get yourself a HALAL certificate in Muharraq by selecting our HALAL services in Bahrain.
  • The slaughtering process of the animal has to be carried out according to the Islamic law which should be very low full. We provide you with the most comfortable HALAL certification process in Muharraq.
  • ‘Bismillah ‘the phrase has to be said immediately before at the time of slaughtering process of each animal or birds.
  • Factocert is tagged up with well-known HALAL certification bodies in Manama which ensures you the hassle-free HALAL certification in Bahrain.
  • The device used for slaughtering processes should be very sharp, and it should not be bent or lifted off the animals during the slaughtering process or an act. HALAL consultant services in Bahrain can be availed by visiting our website www.factocert.com.
  • The slaughtering has to be done in such a way that when the knife is inserted to kill the animals, it should reach the trachea, esophagus and arteries and veins of the neck region as none of the animals or birds are harmed during the slaughtering process.
  • You can also get in touch for our HALAL consulting services in Bahrain by writing to us on contact@factocert.com.

These requirements have to be followed during the processing preparation, packaging storage, and transportation in such a way that it meets the entire above requirements principal related to food hygiene.

We assure you that HALAL certification cost in Manama is as reasonable as possible when you choose Factocert as the HALA consultancy in Hamad Town.

Coming to the labeling part – the halal foods have to be labeled with the term Halal or similar names so that it would be easy for the suppliers or consumers to identify. If it is not mentioned, there will be confusion in defining the process.

Factocert has a very long history of providing HALAL consultancy services in Bahrain, The objective of the halal food products is to follow Islamic religion’s rules and regulation so that the food we are consuming is hygienic and clean and does not contain any harmful substances which might affect the body of humans.

For this reason, it is necessary for all the organizations which are related to food manufacturing, processing, transporting and slaughtering has to undertake the halal certification process so that, the foods are safe to consume and if not there would be a question of safety.

Our HALAL certification consultants in Hamad Town are waiting to get in touch with your organization and to see your organization get the HALAL in Bahrain as soon as possible. So get in touch with us and get your requirements fulfilled. .

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