GLP Certification in Malaysia Benefits, how to get and documents required for GLP Certification
GLP Certification in Malaysia

What are the documents required for GLP Certification in Malaysia

Introduction to GLP Certification in Malaysia

GLP Certification in Malaysia is a fixed of internationally recognized necessities that ensure the reliability of non-medical laboratory research. This research is frequently finished on animals to assess the protection and efficacy of new pills, chemical substances, and different merchandise earlier than tested on humans.

Why is GLP Certification in Malaysia important?

GLP Certification in Malaysia as it assures the authorities and the public that non-clinical laboratory research is carried out to an excessively well known. This is crucial for shielding and protecting public health.

How to get GLP Certification in Malaysia:

There are methods to get GLP Certified in Malaysia:

  •  To obtain GLP Certification in Malaysia, you must complete and submit a form to the NPRA. The NPRA will then observe your laboratory to ensure it meets GLP requirements.
  • Be inspected via a GLP tracking authority. Several GLP tracking authorities are inside the international system, including the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). If your laboratory is inspected through the type of authorities and determined to be compliant with GLP requirements, you may be taken into consideration GLP Certified.

Benefits of GLP Certification in Malaysia:

There are some benefits to getting GLP Certification in Malaysia, together:

  • Improved getting right of entry to markets. GLP Certification in Malaysia is frequently required to register Malaysia’s latest capsules and chemical substances.
  • Enhanced popularity. GLP Certification in Malaysia can enhance your laboratory’s reputation and credibility.
  • Increased performance. GLP necessities can assist in improving the performance of your laboratory operations.

Documents required for GLP Certification in Malaysia:

1. Application Form:

  • Obtained from the NPRA net web page or via contacting them immediately.
  • Includes information about your laboratory, its personnel, and the sorts of research your behaviour.

2. Operating procedures (SOPs):

  • Detailed instructions covering all aspects of your laboratory operations, ensuring compliance with GLP guidelines.
  • Cover areas include:
    • Study layout
    • Conduct of research
    • Data series
    • Record-retaining
    • Quality warranty
    • Personnel education

3. Quality Assurance (QA) Manual:

  • Describe your laboratory’s excellent guarantee tool and how it guarantees compliance with GLP ideas.
  • Outlines procedures for:
    • Document manipulate
    • Auditing
    • Training
    • Non-conformance control

4. Study Plans and Reports:

  • Detailed plans for every observation done, at the side of targets, techniques, and anticipated consequences.
  • Final reports summarizing the findings of every study.

5. Raw Data and Records:

  • All specific facts and information generated in the course of research, such as:
    • Laboratory notebooks
    • Instrument printouts
    • Chromatograms
    • Spectrograms
    • Photographs
    • Study-associated correspondence

6. Personnel Training Records:

  • Documentation demonstrates that all laboratory employees are correctly professional in GLP principles and techniques.

7. Facility and Equipment Records:

  • Information about your laboratory’s centres and system, collectively with:
    • Maintenance logs
    • Calibration information
    • Validation statistics

8. Quality Assurance Audit Reports:

  • Reports of inner and out-of-door audits of your laboratory’s excellent warranty device.

9. Other Relevant Documents:

  • Any special files that may be relevant to the evaluation of your laboratory’s compliance with GLP standards, alongside:
    • Standard operating techniques for specific tests or tactics
    • Validation reviews for check techniques
    • Safety records sheets for chemical compounds used inside the laboratory

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