Getting ISO certification in Iraq is not a fixed cost and
ISO Certification in Iraq ISO Certification

Procedures to get ISO Certification in Iraq

Iraq ISO Certification Costs

Getting ISO certification in Iraq is not a fixed cost and varies from business to business. By considering various parameters, Genveritas ISO Consultants in Iraq can ensure an affordable cost for ISO certification:

  • An organization’s size
  • The number of employees 
  • The number of processes 
  • Risk level
  • Framework for administration 
  • Work volume

Processing time for ISO certification in Iraq

Additionally, the time it takes for an ISO certification to be completed varies from business to business. Following a survey of the organization’s size, the ISO certification office can give reasonable consideration. 

ISO Certification usually takes the following amount of time: 

  • 1-2 months for small businesses 
  • 3-6 months for medium-sized enterprises 
  • Enterprises with a large workforce: 6-12 months

Procedure for Iraqi ISO Certification

1.The application/contract should be made. 

The registrar and applicant should enter into a contract after selecting the ISO certification body and ISO standard. Liability issues, confidentiality, and access rights should be included in the application.

2. Document Quality Review 

The ISO registrar will identify your quality manuals and reports with different approaches and strategies. Surveying existing work will enable the ISO registrar to identify potential gaps in the ISO standards against the prerequisites. 

  • Arrangements should be made for action. 

Your ISO auditor will convey the current holes in your organization, and you should set up an action plan to eliminate them. Develop a list of the tasks that must be performed to acquire the ideal organizational changes. Preparing your representatives to adjust to new methods while working efficiently may be necessary. As far as quality and productivity standards are concerned, ensure all representatives are aware of ISO standards. 

  • Certification Audit 

Initial ISO Certification Audits fall into two categories: Stage 1 and Stage 2 

  • The onsite audit consists of the following: 

The ISO auditor will inspect all your progress in the association. Attempt to recognize any possible inconsistencies between your frameworks and methods and the ideal quality management framework. There are two types of non-similarities: minor and major. Modify the association’s methods and procedures to adjust and carefully evaluate all these non-similarities under the ideal quality standards. 

  • Audit results: 

After all necessary organizational changes have been made, the ISO auditor performs the final examination. The auditor will check whether all non-congruities have been resolved according to ISO quality standards. After the ISO auditor has completed the final examination, they will prepare and submit the ISO audit report. 

  • The ISO certification process has been completed. 

The ISO registrar will grant you certification after all non-conformities are reviewed, and all findings are included in the Final ISO Audit report. 

  • Audits relating to surveillance 

The purpose of surveillance audits is to ensure that ISO quality standards are maintained within an organization from time to time.

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