Features of GDP Certification in Tanzania | Best ISO 9001 Certification in Tanzania
GDP Certification in Tanzania

Features of GDP Certification in Tanzania

What is GDP Certification in Tanzania ?

GDP Certification in Tanzania is a component of quality assurance that ensures that items are consistently stored, transported and handled in the right ways as dictated by the product specification or marketing authorization.

A quality management system called Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is used in drug distribution warehouses and centers. Pharmaceutical distributors are required to align their activities with the standards under internationally ratified GDP laws. 

From the early distribution of raw materials to the manufacturing plants to the last dispatch of completed pharmaceuticals to the end user, the programmed ensures that consistent quality management systems are in place throughout your supply chain. 

The best way to prove that your quality management system complies with GDP Certification in Tanzania guidelines is to evaluate it independently against international GDP requirements.

The GDP Certification in Tanzania guideline includes particular rules for brokers who deal with pharmaceutical products in addition to wholesalers and makers of medicines. Up to the moment of sale, when wholesale dealers assume ownership of the goods, the producer will be responsible for the product during storage and distribution.

Individuals involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain must adhere to the GDP Certification in Tanzania. Therefore service providers like transportation firms and logistic service providers must develop a solid understanding of what is necessary to meet their customers’ needs.

Who is eligible for GDP Certification in Tanzania ?

Pharmaceuticals products.

Benefits of GDP Certification in Tanzania ?

  • Ensures patient safety and product integrity.
  • Helps maintain consistency.
  • Lowers the possibility of tainted medications entering the supply chain.
  • Boosts consumer assurance.
  • Increases efficiency and lowers costs.
  • Reduce wastage.
  • With a GDP certificate in Tanzania, customers can recognize your business as a knowledgeable and dependable partner in pharmaceutical logistics.
  • The issuance of GDP Certificate in Tanzania is governed differently and is sometimes restricted to manufacturers and distributors alone.
  • Government agencies occasionally grant certificates to logistics firms. Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals are obligated to keep an eye on their logistics service providers. Individual customer audits demand a lot of work from both parties.
  • Factocert assists logistics service providers in enhancing their performance and informing clients of appropriate distribution practices through the GDP audit. In doing so, we commit to conducting GDP compliance audits per the accepted principles from our authorized ISO processes.

Required Document for GDP Certification in Tanzania :

  • System Objectives Policy Procedure.
  • Vision and Mission.
  • A standardized method of operation (SOP).
  • Checklist.
  • Forms, Formats and Records.

The amount of documented information varies depending on the following :

  • A company’s size.
  • Activities that the organization carries out.
  • Organizational procedures Products and services provided by the organization
  • The difficulty of the procedures used.
  • Competence of participants.

How much is GDP certification in Tanzania ?

Even though the GDP guideline audit must be performed following set standards, the prices vary depending on several criteria. As a result, there is only a general price for some businesses. If you want your business to be accredited, we’ll be pleased to compute a special offer based on your unique situation and an unbiased evaluation.

How can I obtain a GDP Certification in Tanzania ?

Suppose you need to figure out how much GDP consultants will cost in Tanzania. In that case, you can always contact us by writing to contact@factocert.com and providing us with all the details about your company so that we can assess the requirements and work with you to achieve the certification. Alternatively, you can visit our official website at www.Factocert.com and give our help desk your contact information so that they can set up a call for one of our experts to understand your certification needs.


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