Detailed note about ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia, and important aspect steps of the ISO 22000 Certification
ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia

Detailed note about ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia, and important aspect steps of the ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia is a Food Safety Management System that can be used by any food-related organization within the chain from farm to fork. Being certified by ISO 22000 allows a company to prove to clients that they have a system for managing food safety. This gives customers confidence about the products. This is becoming important as consumers require safe food products, and food processors must ensure that the ingredients they buy from their suppliers be secure.

Any company can apply for ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia within the food supply chain. It incorporates the fundamentals of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) method developed through the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Utilizing the auditable requirements, it integrates the HACCP program with the prerequisite programs and other requirements for food safety systems.

How do I know Food Safety, and why is it important?

Being among the three fundamental requirements of survival, food plays a crucial aspect in the survival of all living creatures, particularly humans. They require food in its purest form to receive all the essential nutrients. But, the contemporary food industry has developed the habit of disregarding all rules and regulations. This is why people suffer from nutritional deficiencies. To ensure quality food from farm to the fork, ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia comes into the picture! It’s a set of rigorous guidelines that businesses must adhere to, whether willingly or not. The certification allows them to recognize the dangers and implement proactive or corrective measures to make the products safe to be consumed by humans.

The most important aspect of the ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia

To be more specific, the likelihood of obtaining a Food safety Certification is dependent on the main factors that include:

  • involvement of the management team
  • communication
  • the HACCP principles
  • system management

The majority of these crucial elements are interconnected, and any business that wishes to obtain this certification must meet the required details at all costs. To be precise, the certification process depends on these components’ complexity.

Fundamental Themes of ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia:

In addition to the fundamental aspect, ISO 22000 Certificates also provide other essential principles to the entire ISO Management System standards. These are the principles that include:

  • client focus
  • control and guidance
  • appointment of people
  • procedure method
  • enhancement
  • composite decision-making
  • association administration

Pre-Requisite Requirements For ISO 22000 Certification Application:

Many organizations who apply for ISO 22000 Certification must meet a few fundamental requirements before applying. The prerequisites include the following:

  • measures to control pests
  • food safety parameters
  • design and layout of storage buildings
  • equipment maintenance
  • Personal hygiene requirements of an employee
  • arrangement of purchased materials
  • sanitizing measures
  • product info
  • the maintenance of utilities
  • storage
  • disposing of garbage materials
The benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Ethiopia
  • upgraded health and safety procedures
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • meeting supervisory necessities
  • meeting other standards and guidelines
  • improved transparency
  • upgraded response to risks
  • reduced investigation time
  • worldwide recognition
  • augmented business opportunities

In obtaining food safety certifications, businesses or organizations involved in the food industry must be aware of each step that has to be conducted. Completing these formalities is essential, and that’s why knowing the relevant guidelines is necessary.

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