Detailed information to Achieving ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam
ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam

Detailed information to Achieving ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam

ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam is an international standard for information security developed and enforced through the International Organization for Standardization. While it’s not a legally mandated standard, it is the standard for many B2B firms. It’s the essential factor in securing contracts with large corporations or government agencies, as well as companies operating in data-intensive industries.

ISO 27001 is notable because it’s an all-encompassing framework. It isn’t limited to one kind of personal data or even electronic data. It includes requirements for all aspects of data security, from the protection of HR data to client information and physical control of entry and the safety of delivery and loading areas.

Being ISO 27001 certified isn’t quick or straightforward; the amount of time required to achieve it differs from one organization to the next and is contingent on various variables. It is recommended that businesses spend approximately a year to become certified and compliant. The process of becoming compliant involves several crucial steps, which include:

  • Make a plan of action. It’s crucial to consider any ISO 27001 Certification in Vietnam initiative as a project that must be managed carefully.
  • Assess risks. The goal in the risk analysis is to determine the extent that the assessment will cover (including your assets as well as threats and risk) as well as to formulate a conclusion that you’ll either succeed or fail and then create a security plan to correct the things that pose significant risks to security.
  • Create and implement security measures by your security plan.
  • Note what you’re up to. If you are audited, it is necessary to give your auditor documents on how you’re in compliance with ISO 27001 Certification in vietnam with your security procedures so that they can conduct an accurate assessment.
  • Monitor and correct. Monitoring against the documented procedures is essential since it can reveal any variations that, if large enough, can result in you failing your audit. Monitoring lets you fix issues before they become a problem. Think about monitoring your dress rehearsal. Use this time to complete your records and ensure that everything is approved.

The ISO 27001 certification audit process in Vietnam

Stage 1: ISMS Design review

  1. Check the ISMS documentation to ensure that the procedures and policies are correctly created.

Stage 2: Certification audit

  1. Review business processes and controls to conform to ISMS and the Annex A standards.

Surveillance audits

Make sure the ISO 27001 Certification in vietnam compliance program is active and maintained.

Recertification audit

After the three years of certification, A recertification audit is conducted to assess ISMS and Annex A controls to ensure compliance. Recertification remains valid for three years.

After you’ve created your ISMS and performed a gap assessment and implemented controls, supervised your employees, and gathered evidence, it’s time to start the process of auditing.

How much will it cost to be ISO 27001 certified?

ISO/IEC 27001 certification costs for businesses are contingent on various factors, and therefore each company will need to come up with the budget in a different way. The cost of implementation and the certification for the ISMS will be based on the complexity and size of the ISMS scope, which will differ from one organization to another. It will also depend on the local cost of the different solutions you’ll use to implement the system.

The primary cost is about:

  • Literature and training
  • External assistance
  • Technology to be upgraded/implemented
  • Employee’s efforts and work
  • The audit of certification

Before beginning this endeavor, it is advisable to conduct a gap analysis to assess the current state of information security and establish an initial assessment of the amount of effort. To get a more comprehensive description of the costs for certification. For more information about ISO 27001 Certification:

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