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Environmental Sustainability

Business Benefits of Environmental Sustainability

Concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability are increasing, and more and more people are becoming environmentally aware. This is good news, but it should also be a warning sign for businesses dealing with environmental issues.

Recent research shows that people want brands to do things that are good for the environment. For example, these people already make up 88% of the UK and the US population.

Climate change is a fact, and sustainability is not just a trend. Join the “Green Revolution” to make your business more valuable and save money. It works for both sides.

So, if your business has yet to think about going green, now is a great time to start, and we’re here to help!

What do you do to get there?

It would help if you had a plan; ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines will help you make one. According to ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines, there are certain requirements for a good Environmental Management System (EMS). ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines allows you to deal with environmental problems and control how your business affects the environment.

How will environmental sustainability help your business?

Here are the top four reasons why going green and getting an Environmental Certification will help your business and make it more valuable.

1.You’ll have a competitive edge and come up with more ideas.

Creative and innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of an organization’s operations can spark new ideas and “open doors” for your business to gain a competitive edge and try new things.

For example, IKEA has used more solar energy in its stores and factories for years to use more renewable energy. In 2018, as part of its sustainable strategy, it saw this as an opportunity to add solar panels to its product line and started selling them at a reasonable price.

2.You’ll save money, improve, and make more money.

Researchers have found that using environmentally sustainable practices makes a business more efficient and productive. This saves money by making better use of resources, reducing waste, and reducing risks.

For example, if you have an analysis of how much electricity your business uses, you will be able to see where you are using too much energy. Then you could fix the problem, use energy as little as possible, and save a lot of money.

3.You will improve the image and reputation of your business

Customers are more likely to trust and stay loyal to organizations that share and align with their values. But only 28% of people worldwide think that organizations are doing enough for society and the planet, according to the United Nations.

So, you are committed to being more sustainable and responsible for the environment. In that case, you will promote your business as good for the environment, making it look better and getting more customers interested.

For example, ADIDAS started making shoes out of old fishing nets taken out of the ocean. This is a great way to help the environment, but it’s an even better way to improve their image as a company because it got customers more involved and made their brand more visible through spontaneous media.

Profitability and growth are no longer enough to judge a business. Increasing your image and reputation regarding how you treat the environment and what you do for society also attracts investors and makes it easier for shareholders and the government to trust your company.

4.Your business and market share will grow

Many businesses whose business model is based on sustainability will only do business with other companies that share their values. Also, government bodies and international organizations might require an International Environmental Certification in their contracts and bids.

With ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines, your company will already be qualified to bid on those deals and grow its business and market share.

How to Obtain ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines?

Our team at Factocert has helped businesses successfully implement Environmental Management Systems and get ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines, and we’re ready to help you do the same. We’ve helped our clients reach many exciting sustainability goals by giving them simple, doable, and valuable ideas.

Now, all you have to do is decide when, and we’ll work with you to define your goals and where your business is starting. We’ll help you with the rest. Don’t worry about filling out the forms. Contact us and start enjoying the benefits of being an Environmentally-Friendly Business.

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