Brief information about ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam and its advantages:
ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam

Brief information about ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam and its advantages:

ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam is an international standard that defines the environmental management system (EMS) standards.

An EMS framework allows an organization to manage the environmental impact of its products, activities, and services and increase its environmental performance over time.

ISO 14001:2015 calls for companies to take a strategic, integrated and holistic approach when setting up or managing their EMS.

The Standard allows businesses to be profitable without ignoring their environmental responsibility and applies to the ecological aspects the company can influence and influence.

What are the advantages of ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam?

1. Legal conformity

The process of becoming ISO 14001 certified ensures you remain current with all legal regulations. The consequences of poor press and fines could be devastating for companies that don’t abide by the law, and it’s a way to stay up to date.

2. Better reputation among customers

A growing number of consumers are going green, with half of all internet users stating that environmental concerns influence their buying choices. The process of getting ISO 14001 certified displays that demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact on your customers.

3. Competitive advantage

In light of the above and the above, taking note of the above, ISO 14001 certification can help distinguish you from your competitors or aid in maintaining your position if they have already been certified. This is especially true when your company is bidding on tenders. As more and more companies are becoming ISO 14001 certified (11,201 certificates were issued in 2018 in the United Kingdom alone), your company must not fall behind.

4. Reduce the amount of waste

The Standard’s goal is to cut down on the amount of garbage that organizations produce. From the unneeded use of machines to insufficient training, resulting in excess material to be left behind, the Standard is designed to find and reduce the amount of waste. Utilizing more sustainable energy sources and energy-saving procedures, your company will be more efficient.

5. Reduce the cost

Naturally, the increase in efficiency will mean lower expenses of managing your company. The cost of managing waste will decrease, as well, because the necessity of the removal of waste and its processing will decrease.

6. Lower insurance costs

A few companies may consider certifying their business with ISO 14001 will reduce insurance costs. This certification shows that your company has demonstrated a high level of diligence in reducing its environmental footprint. Consequently, your company is more likely not to be held to be liable for negligence in the environment.

We believe that showing an environmental sustainability commitment is something that all businesses must be doing in the current world. The process of getting ISO 14001 certified is one method to accomplish this.

Advantages of ISO 14001 Registration

ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam registration can improve your business’s bottom line by enhancing environmental performance. An Environmental Management System (ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam) is an instrument that allows an organization to reach and continuously monitor its environmental performance. The EMS initiates technological and procedural adjustments that could lower production costs. The need for continual improvement in the ecological impact drives an increase in the efficiency of all inputs, which includes raw materials, energy, and labour—reduced pollution results in increased productivity and better utilization of resources.

Direct benefits from the use of an effective EMS comprise:

  • Material saving by total processing of inputs into the product replacement, recycling, and substitution of waste and byproducts
  • Energy consumption reduced
  • Reduced material storage costs
  • Lower costs for discharges, emissions, transport, and waste disposal
  • Higher process yields
  • Insurance rates reduced
  • Reduced customer audits
  • Environmental liability reduced
  • Reduced enforcement fines
  • Tracking EMS metrics using consistent check-review-plan-do-check methods
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