How BIFMA Certification in Netherlands ensure Workspace
BIFMA Certification in Netherlands

How BIFMA Certification in Netherlands ensure workspace

BIFMA Certification in Netherlands encourages staff participation, which makes the work environment better and makes it easier to do tasks. With BIFMA Certification in Netherlands, you can spot problems early and act quickly to keep from making the same mistakes again and again.

BIFMA helps create and improve standards, explains to the public what they are and how they are used, and turns the necessary complexity into formats that are easier to understand and use. At every stage of a piece of office furniture’s life, we push for sustainability.

BIFMA is the name of the trade group that represents companies that make office and institutional furniture. Since 1973, BIFMA has been the voice of the office furniture business.

What does BIFMA certified furniture mean?

The Association of Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers is what BIFMA stands for. The goal of this non-profit group is to create standards people can choose to follow to make workplaces safer. Since it started, BIFMA Certification in Netherlands has become the industry leader in making standards that ensure products work well and give buyers confidence. Products that have BIFMA Certification in Netherlands tend to offer the following:

  • Long Lasting
  • protective.
  • Hard and durable.

Reasons to take BIFMA certified furniture for your organisation?

Buying products that meet BIFMA standards has many clear benefits, such as:

  • Peace of mind that the furniture has met strict safety standards.
  • Trying to make a place of work that is both helpful and enjoyable.
  • Most of the time, places where safety comes first to make workers more productive.
  • There are fewer injuries at work and fewer claims for workers’ comp.
  • Buying something with a warranty of at least 5 years will last.

Benefits of BIFMA Certification in Netherlands?

The first ensures that any furniture BIFMA has approved strict safety standards. You can be sure that every piece of BIFMA-approved furniture will help make the workplace a real and healthy place.

  • To meet BIFMA Cost requirements, the furniture made by Posted Industries must meet certain minimum standards.
  • The BIFMA Standard explains why products should be evaluated.
  • Make sure that the Standard is followed.
  • The way that product testing is going.
  • Make sure the materials are used well.

How does BIFMA Certification furniture increase your employees trust?

  • Support environments that are safe, healthy, and able to last.
  • Put out important industry data.
  • Support laws and rules that will have a direct effect on the health of the industry.
  • Offers a good place for members to work together on issues related to their industry.

The steps to getting a BIFMA certification in Netherlands

  • Request for BIFMA Certificate.
  • Request to be looked at.
  • Price quote and offer.
  • Verification of knowledge.
  • Appointment of Auditor/TE.
  • Review of the first stage.
  • Checking and making things better.
  • Audit programme.
  • Report on the second stage of review.
  • Checking and making things better.
  • Choice of certification.
  • Declarative matter.
  • Review of surveillance.
  • Declaration made again.

How can your business use the BIFMA Certification?

BIFMA A list of furniture products that meet BIFMA standards. “Compliant” is the Dutch word for certification that meets safety and durability standards. Compliance makes the market clearer by making it clear which results align with agreed-upon industry standards. The event is open to manufacturers from all over the world.

BIFMA Certification in the Netherlands wants to ensure everyone who buys something feels safe. It does this by offering various solutions already on the market and recognising that people and businesses are now setting up home offices. A registry is a tool that helps buyers and specifiers find high-quality goods that meet standards for safety and durability quickly.

How do I get a BIFMA Certification in Netherlands?

Factocert is one of the best consulting firms that help organisations implement international standards and get consulted by them. It not only offers these services but also offers third-party auditing services and issues global standards certifications.

Email us at or visit our website if you need help putting this BIFMA Certification management system into action or have questions about how to get BIFMA Certification in Netherlands so that our consulting experts can give you a project plan that will work.

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