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BIFMA Certification in Kenya

Why is BIFMA Certification important for office furniture, and how does it benefit for Kenyan businesses?

BIFMA Certification in Kenya, Staff participation is encouraged by this BIFMA Certification in Kenya, which improves the working environment and eases task strain. With BIFMA Certification in Kenya, you can spot problems early and take swift action to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

BIFMA supports the creation and improvement of standards, informs the public about their significance and use, and transforms the necessary complexity into formats that are simpler to comprehend and put into practice. Throughout the whole life cycle of business furniture, we advocate for sustainability.

The non-profit trade group representing office and institutional furniture producers is called BIFMA. BIFMA has been the business furniture industry’s voice since 1973.

Benefits of BIFMA Certification in Kenya:

The first guarantees that any BIFMA-approved furniture has complied with strict safety requirements. You may be sure that every piece of BIFMA-approved furniture will support creating a realistic and healthy environment for the workplace.

  • Posted Industries’ furniture must adhere to specific minimum standards to comply with BIFMA Cost.
  • The BIFMA Standard’s justification for evaluating products
  • Ensure actual compliance with the Standard
  • the direction of product testing
  • Ensure effective use of the materials

How BIFMA Certification will work?

  • Both BIFMA Members and Non-Member Companies may access the registry.
  • The program synchronizes applicable BIFMA standards with product durability and safety standards.
  • Before adding products to the registry, product testing must be completed in a test lab that has received ISO 17025 accreditation and adhered to the applicable BIFMA Certification in Kenya standard(s) in the Scope of Accreditation. The lab could be first party (internal) or third party.
  • Manufacturers who participate formally contract with BIFMA and pay fees to do so.
  • Manufacturer representatives who have access to the system enter the product listings.

How to apply  BIFMA Certification to your business?

BIFMA A registry of furniture products that complies with BIFMA Certification is a safety and durability requirement is called “compliant.” By distinguishing between effects adhering to accepted industry standards, compliance clarifies the market. The participation of manufacturers from all over the world is invited.

BIFMA Certification aims to assist all clients in feeling confident about their purchases by providing various solutions available on the market today and acknowledging that people and companies are now furnishing home office environments. A registry is a tool that helps buyers and specifiers easily find high-quality goods that meet durability and safety requirements

how to get  BIFMA Certification in Kenya?

Contact the best BIFMA Consultant in Kenya at or by visiting our official website if you need assistance putting this BIFMA Certification management system into operation or have questions about how to get BIFMA Certification in Kenya so that our consulting professionals can give you a project plan that will work.

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