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Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia and its Necessities

ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia requires organizations to adopt a risk-based approach to food safety. Currently supported by the same Higher Level Structure that all ISO management system standards follow, ISO 22000 combines the principles of ISO 9001 for quality management systems and Hazard Analysis and Critical Management Purpose (HACCP) with internationally accepted, trade-based pre-requisite programs. ISO 22000 identifies food safety necessities for organizations in the food and drink trade chain to handle and implement a food safety management system by identifying, assessing, and dominant potential hazards to food safety.

 Essentials of Food Safety Management Systems

 Food Safety Management System (FSMS), organizations must:

  • Understand the external and internal problems about food safety, as well as interested parties
  • Create a Food Safety Policy – usually a one-page document expressing commitment to food safety
  • And establish a Food Safety Team.
  • In charge of Hazard Control
  • Implement the ISO 22000 clauses in an FSMS or Management Manual
  • To handle the various pre-requisite courses, implement food safety practices.
  • Specifically, create procedures for every essential control point (ECP) and operational pre-requisite program (OPRP)
  • Observe the OPRPs and CCPs by keeping records
  • For ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia, developing and monitoring food safety targets.
  • Take into account the importance of a Food Defense system and a Food Fraud Vulnerability system for food safety. In addition, consider the necessity for food frauds and food safety vulnerabilities.
  • To ensure food safety.
  • And respond to food safety risks.
  • Workers must receive adequate training and understand their food safety responsibilities.
  • Controlling food safety nonconformance and taking corrective action when necessary
  • To communicate food safety concerns internally and externally.
  • Externally
  • Externally, observe external suppliers’ practices.
  • Verify the Hazard management setup and the PRPs
  • By conducting internal audits of the food safety management system
  • Ensure senior management reviews the food safety management system regularly.

 Requirements for documentation:

  • Policy regarding food safety
  • And the Hazard Management System
  • FSMS or Management Manual
  • Guidelines
  • For Food Safety Improvements (monitoring food safety targets and objectives)
  • Prepare an emergency plan
  • Based on OPRP CCP observance
  • Maintain nonconformance and corrections. Records.

Standard menus are available to choose from

ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia is supported by a whole set of standards that reinforce its implementation.

  • Audit and certification: 

This specification was published in 2007 to increase the acceptance of ISO 22000 and ensure that authorized certification programs are implemented competently and effectively.

An organization’s food safety management system certification provides the required information and confidence about its conduct. The ISO 22000 food safety management system technical specification provides harmonized guidance for accreditation certification bodies. It also defines the audit rules for compliance with ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia.

  • Applying food safety: 

The ISO/TS 22004:2205 document, Food safety management systems – guidance for applying ISO 22000:2005, was published in 2005. With a specific emphasis on concrete examples, the book provides pointers on implementing ISO 22000.

ISO 22000 Certification Zambia and the International Trade Centre are partnering to bring you the book ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems – AN easy-to-use listing service. Are you ready? In this document, small and medium-sized enterprises are explained how ISO 22000 will be used and implemented.

  • Tracing the feed and organic phenomenon: 

A comprehensive manual on Traceability was published in the Gregorian calendar month 2007: ISO 22005:2007, Traceability in feeds and foods – General principles and requirements for design and implementation. Traceability is an integral part of food safety, emphasized in ISO 22000.

ISO 22005 is intended for operative or cooperative organizations for any organic or feed industry purpose. The standard does not consider certification, nor does it combine with alternative measures. Instead, the likelihood of certification is left to the user’s discretion. To ensure high quality, organizations must conduct observations, internal audits, and reviews.

Benefits of a Food Safety Management System:

  • Meeting both the client’s and the company’s requirements.
  • Improved firm profile and name, as well as unbiased trust.
  • Higher earnings as a result of increased selling prospects.
  • Our supply chain’s food safety has improved.
  • Food contamination incidences with low risk.
  • Performance in terms of food safety has improved.
  • Increased defense against bogus sickness claims.
  • Food safety has become ingrained in the culture, and employees have been permitted to do so.
  • It’s simple to interface with a variety of management systems.

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