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Halal Certification in Toronto

Benefits of Halal Certification in Toronto

HALAL certification in Toronto is essential for any food or drink business. With increasing global demand for halal products, it is necessary to ensure that your products are halal. There are many benefits to getting halal certified in Toronto. This includes an increase in global demand and crossover opportunities for mainstream producers.

Ensure you are following proper halal protocols

Ensure you follow proper halal protocols to ensure you are not ingesting toxins or other harmful ingredients. You will need to follow strict Islamic guidelines to produce Halal food. These include following proper sanitation methods to remove all residual traces.

The proper halal protocol is not just to ensure you are not ingesting intoxicating substances but also to ensure your food is prepared using halal equipment. You should also be familiar with halal food safety guidelines, including a complete list of prohibited foods and ingredients.

Halal food safety guidelines include specific instructions for handling halal meat. These include not letting halal meat come in contact with non-halal products or allowing halal meat to be grazed. In addition, the animal must be slaughtered using the Zabiha process, which improves the meat’s taste, health, and shelf life.

The Zabiha process requires that the animal be bled, and a sharp blade is used to sever the throat. It also requires that the name of Allah be pronounced during the slaughter.

Increased global demand

It doesn’t matter if you are a food manufacturer, a service provider, or a retailer; Canada’s halal market can provide you with a significant opportunity. The government has estimated Canada’s annual halal food market to be more than $1 billion.

In addition to offering consumers a safe and wholesome product, halal-certified food also holds strong potential in non-majority Muslim markets. For instance, the United Kingdom is the leading halal market in Europe.

Canada has a strong reputation for quality agri-food products. For instance, the country’s meat exports to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) grew from $8 million ten years ago to over $47 million in 2014.

In addition, Canada exports poultry and beef to countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, and Pakistan. However, Canada’s Muslim population is relatively small.

This lack of access to halal products has left Canadian Muslims dissatisfied with the current retail offerings. In addition, the community is concerned about fly-by-night certifiers.

Crossover opportunities for mainstream producers

Whether you are a manufacturer, processor or distributor of halal food products or services, there are many new opportunities to tap into. The halal sector has evolved from focusing on food and beverages to encompassing personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and travel.

These sectors represent an excellent opportunity to work together and take advantage of new supply chains. This article looks at the global halal food and beverage market, including a detailed look at the halal certification sector, and identifies some ways SMEs can tap into this emerging market.

The halal market has grown significantly over the last decade. A combination of national and regional priorities has driven this growth. For example, the United States of America has experienced above-average growth rates in the past decade, but Asian markets are much more significant. As a result, there are many new and emerging opportunities for SMEs to tap into this market.

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