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Benefits of GLP Certification in Tanzania

What is GLP Certification in Tanzania ?

GLP Certification in Tanzania is offered by Factocert. This certification is intended for professionals with prior experience with laboratory testing and compliance and familiar with the GLP rules that apply to their line of work.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) has developed into an essential component of any research lab. Be it pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, dietary supplements, innovative medical equipment, or any other consumable healthcare product. Every product that enters the market must spend its first day in a lab with experienced lab personnel. Scientists have traditionally implemented appropriate laboratory practices to ensure the quality of their data as part of their obligation.

What  are the main requirements of GLP Certification in Tanzania ?

The term “good laboratory practices,” or GLP, is explicitly used in the context of experimental (non-clinical) research to describe a system of management controls for research laboratories and organizations to ensure the consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality and integrity of chemical including pharmaceuticals safety tests from physio-chemical properties through acute to chronic toxicity tests. The planning, carrying out, monitoring, recording, archiving, and reporting of non-clinical health and environmental safety investigations are the focus of the GLP quality system.

What are the basic principles of GLP Certification in Tanzania ?

  • Laboratories: It is assumed that laboratories will have a specific physical layout and be the right size to eliminate factors that could negatively impact test findings while allowing for comfortable functioning.
  • Tools, materials and reagents: Tools, equipment, and computerized systems should be positioned correctly to gather, store and reuse data and regulate environmental conditions.
  • Test systems: It is anticipated that physical and chemical integrity will be attained throughout tests. The equipment utilized in it needs to be strategically placed, have a good design and have enough capacity.
  • Reference and test materials: All reference and test materials must be appropriately identified. To assure the integrity and quality of the data generated as a result, standard operating procedures are used.

Benefits of GLP Certification in Tanzania:

Ensuring that the reliable test data of industrial chemicals and products are exchanged between countries, avoiding needless test repetitions, the use of experimental animals, wasting time and resources and also ensuring that the quality of the test data for determining the effects of chemicals and products on health and the environment is comparable and acceptable between countries. The GLP Certification in Tanzania is built on quality and dependability, which is a need for recognition.

In addition, the Good Laboratory Practices System is used to create biocidal products, agricultural pesticides, toxic chemicals, and food additives. It is also used in non-clinical safety studies to develop new drugs. It is used while testing explosives.

Who  can get GLP Certification in Tanzania ?

The GLP Certification in Tanzania is available to all laboratories operating in the following fields:

– Laboratories engaged in manufacturing dangerous chemicals, or, to put it another way, those that operate with poisonous and toxic-for-humans compounds.

– Security laboratories focused on chemical compounds used in the creation of biocidal, or, to put it simply, to combat and eradicate pests in people’s living spaces or their environment.

– Laboratories focused on the components used in creating agricultural pesticides, or, more simply, those that work to prevent, control, or lessen hazardous organisms.

– Research and development facilities for food additives.

– Testing facilities for explosive chemicals – Cosmetic product development facilities.

– Non-clinical safety research for pharmaceutical development facilities.

What are the documents required for GLP Certification in Tanzania ? 

Documents Required for GLP Certification in Tanzania:

  • Information about the studies completed by the laboratory.
  • Good Laboratory Practices Institution Official Notification Form.
  • Good Laboratory Practice Control Form.
  • Good Laboratory Practices Compliance Monitoring Program.
  • Laboratory legal status and trade registry.
  • Good Laboratory Applications control form.
  • Laboratory documents of the Laboratory Manager, Work Manager and Quality Assurance Officer.

How to achieve GLP Certification in Tanzania with the help of Factocert ?

You can achieve the GLP certification in Tanzania for your business with Factocert’s help. Please mail us at You can also visit our website We are carrying a solid strategy and a team of qualified professional Consultancies. We are aware of dangers and components that increase the difficulty of certification. These can be obtained by contacting and overseeing many certification processes through the best leading consultancy, Factocert.

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