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BIFMA Certification in Philippines

Benefits of BIFMA Certification in Philippines

Having a BIFMA Certification in Philippines is a crucial step in ensuring your business runs efficiently. In addition to reducing your operating costs, it also allows you to provide your customers with a high level of service. Knowing that your office furniture is a commercial grade, you will also have peace of mind.

Benefits of obtaining BIFMA Certification in Philippines

  • Ensures office furniture is commercial grade

Ensure that your office furniture is commercial grade with BIFMA certification. This certificate guarantees that your furniture is made of durable materials and is safe to use.

BIFMA is a not-for-profit trade association that promotes safe working environments and quality furniture. It also develops voluntary safety standards for commercial furniture.

As a third-party certification program, BIFMA certification provides peace of mind for furniture buyers. The certificate is given after testing the quality of the furniture. The certificate is issued by BIFMA’s registration executives, who verify all documents.

The BIFMA standard addresses safety, durability, and sustainability. The standard also provides 111 measurements in three areas: environmental sustainability, materials, and efficient use. It promotes sustainable product design and sourcing.

BIFMA has several testing facilities that test office furniture to ensure it is safe and durable. The testing facilities anticipate misuse of the product. BIFMA reviews the testing procedures periodically. The tests include the structural performance of office furniture, durability, safety, and more.

  • Provides peace of mind

BIFMA certification provides peace of mind and confidence that the items you buy are high quality and durable. Most BIFMA-compliant products are backed by a three to five-year warranty.

BIFMA certifies products in a variety of categories. From furniture to seating to storage, they are tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. They also demonstrate the latest ergonomic and environmental design, including the proper use of materials and energy-efficient practices. They are a great way to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and a better ROI.

BIFMA also sets standards in the industry that the competition can’t match. For example, the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard provides manufacturers with a standardized performance specification for increasingly sustainable furniture. The “e3” means “economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.” It is designed to provide institutional furniture manufacturers with performance criteria for designing, manufacturing, and marketing increasingly sustainable furniture products.

  • Reduces operating costs

Among the reasons why many companies are choosing to be certified to the BIFMA standard is that it not only improves the quality of their services and products but also helps them reduce operating costs. For example, a study funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research showed that organizations that adopt quality management techniques achieve higher operating efficiencies.

By implementing the BIFMA standard, companies have the confidence to make their clients happy and ensure that their customers will enjoy the highest quality. For example, one of the essential characteristics of BIFMA-certified business and institutional furniture makers is their ability to ensure that their processes are clear and transparent. This helps to improve the quality of their products and services and raises the awareness of their employees.

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