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ISO 22000 certification in Thailand

What are the benefits of obtaining ISO 22000 certification in Thailand?


ISO 22000 certification in Thailand certifies a food safety management system according to an internationally recognized standard. A food safety framework ensures food products are safe to consume by identifying and preventing food safety hazards. A company that has achieved ISO 22000 Certification in Thailand demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality.

For Thai businesses that deal with food, it is crucial to obtain ISO 22000 certification. The company’s food safety management system helps them reduce risks, protect their consumers from potential hazards, and establish a robust food safety management system. As a result of ISO 22000 compliance in Thailand, a company’s reputation and credibility are enhanced, increasing its market competitiveness.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Thailand:

The ISO 22000 Certification in Thailand has several benefits for organizations in the food industry. The following are some of the key benefits:

  1. Improved Food Safety: ISO 22000 certification demonstrates your commitment to ensuring food safety. Identifying and controlling food safety hazards, minimizing risks, and protecting consumers from potential foodborne illnesses can be achieved with it. It helps establish and maintain effective food safety management systems.
  2. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements: ISO 22000 Certification in Thailand helps your organization comply with legal and regulatory requirements. The program supports the implementation and maintenance of food safety practices that adhere to national and international guidelines.
  3. Improved Customer Confidence: ISO 22000 Certification in Thailand promotes customer confidence in your organization’s ability to produce safe and high-quality products consistently. By meeting customer expectations and maintaining long-term relationships, your company shows its commitment to meeting customer expectations, building trust, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  4. Market Advantage and Increased Competitiveness: Companies can gain competitive advantages through ISO 22000:20180 Certification in Thailand. As a result of ISO 22000 certification, many customers, especially in the food industry, favour suppliers and partners with this certification as an assurance that their practices are in accordance with food safety guidelines. Your organization can access new business opportunities and differentiate itself from its competitors as a result of certification.
  5. Supply Chain Management: The fact that Thailand is ISO 22000 compliant facilitates the management of the supply chain there. In order to ensure that food safety practices are harmonized among suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders involved in the food chain, it promotes communication, cooperation, and coordination. Processes can be streamlined, risks can be reduced, and supply chain performance can be improved through certification.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Through ISO 22000 services in Thailand, you can build a culture of continual improvement within your company. A food safety management system must be regularly monitored, measured, and evaluated so that improvement areas can be identified. The goal is to increase operational efficiency, minimize waste, and utilize resources more efficiently by implementing corrective measures and making necessary adjustments.
  7. Internal Efficiencies: Obtaining ISO 22000 Certification in Thailand encourages the development of robust processes and procedures that enhance internal productivity. Through standardizing practices, improving communication, and streamlining operations, cost savings, productivity improvements, and reduction in rework and recalls can be achieved.
  8. International Recognition: The ISO 22000 standard is internationally recognized. As a result of certification, your organization will gain global recognition and acceptance, allowing you to enter international markets and develop international partnerships.

The ISO 22000 Certification offers numerous benefits, but its value needs to be maintained through continuous commitment and compliance. It is essential to perform regular surveillance audits and continually improve in order to reap the benefits of certification in the long run.

What industries are eligible for ISO 22000 certification in Thailand?

As part of the food chain, ISO 22000 is applicable to a variety of industries. It is important to note that ISO 22000 offers flexibility in its application to different sectors within the food industry. There could be differences in the nature and scale of the operations in terms of specific requirements and implementation. The ISO 22000 Certification can enhance food safety practices and help organizations comply with regulatory guidelines in these industries, as well as others involved in the food chain. Listed below are some examples of initiatives in Thailand that are eligible for ISO 22000 certification:

  • A process that involves the production of foods, including dairy products, poultry products, bakery products, beverages, confectionery, and more, including processing, packaging, and manufacturing of food products.
  • Among the types of food services that companies provide are restaurants, cafeterias, catering services, and others
  • Companies that handle, store, or distribute food products, such as supermarkets, grocery stores, and wholesale distributors.
  • Storage and logistics providers for food packaging and storage companies, which include companies that produce food packaging materials.
  • Companies involved in agriculture and farming, such as farms, agricultural producers, and livestock producers
  • Companies that manufacture food ingredients, additives, and food processing aids, such as food ingredients manufacturers and additive manufacturers
  • In a food testing laboratory, such as Laboratories, food samples are analyzed, inspected, and tested.

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