Advantages of ISO 22000 implementation in Singapore? | ISO 22000 in Singapore
Advantages of ISO 22000 implementation in Singapore

Advantages of ISO 22000 implementation in Singapore?

Detail note about ISO 22000 in Singapore?

ISO 22000 Implementation in Singapore has been revised and its latest version was released in June 2018. This standard is issued by ISO which is the International Organization for Standardization. It sets out the requirements for the food safety management system and if any organization wants to get their system certified this standard can be used as a treatment.

What an organization needs to demonstrate to show its ability to control food safety hazards with an opportunity to ensure food is safe. The good thing about the standard is that regardless of the size the standard can be implemented in any organization and wherever they are located in the food supply chain. It gives economic operators the ability to produce high-quality safe food and shows customers important impacts on hygiene and safety-related.

ISO 22000 is aligned with the high-level structure and is also well known as Management System Standard in organizations for food safety management systems to be distributed. This is why the standard is so alive and is called HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. Any management system standard supports the continual improvement of your product or process.

By implementing such a management system standard that works on the principle of the Plan Do Check Act, organizations shall achieve a sustainable food safety performance by implementing such standard and it will build your trust and relationship with your consumers, suppliers, and the regulators which also improves their confidence with you. It is a wonderful platform for process, management control, and improvement.

By implementing ISO 22000 standard you can improve your performance and can become more effective and efficient which gives you a competitive advantage and it also allows you to promote international trade. 

More about HACCP:

HACCP is a hazard analysis Critical Control Point is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards based on the following seven principles.

A Critical Control Point is a point or stat at which control can be applied in a session to prevent or eliminate the food safety hazard, or reduce it to an acceptable level, CCP defines only after the completion of the hazard analysis. For example, how we can get a Critical Control Point by using CCP decision we need to follow the step and we should identify the critical point and once we get the answer is CCP, so they are the control point that we need to prevent or eliminate.

For example, in the industry of producing meat butter of the complex CCP decision, you can find a critical point that management need to be considered to control the process for example storage of meat in frozen, the temperature should be between minus 15 degrees C (- 15C) to minus 20 degrees C (- 20C).

Codex Alimentarius is a collection of standard, code of practice, guideline and under recommendation, relative to food conduct test updates regularly to ensure they are consistent with current scientific knowledge and well established in 1960 by FAO ( Food & Agriculture Organization ) and WHO ( World Health Organization) and joined the organization in 1962. 

The benefit of the ISO 22000 Implementation in Singapore are:

  • ISO 22000 standard is highly recognized worldwide
  • ISO 22000 in Singapore reduces the food safety incidents and related cost
  • ISO 22000 Implementation in Singapore helps an organization to comply with legal requirements and codex HACCP principles.
  • ISO 22000 implementation in Singapore reduces or optimizes the list, thereby the liability reduces
  • ISO 22000 in Singapore can find your errors which further also helps you to reduce your customer complaints
  • ISO 22000 Implementation in Singapore helps in continual improvement in products and processes
  • Improves consumer / supplier / regulator confidence and relationship
  • Promotes international trade 

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