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ISO 14001 Certification in Bahrain

Advantage of ISO 14001 Certification in Bahrain

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Certification in Bahrain specifies the requirement for Environmental Management System and by ISO 14001 means basically, the ISO standards are termed as ISO 14000, ISO 9000 or ISO 18000 or ISO 22000 and continued like that. Let’s explore this standard and try to understand what this standard demands from us.

What is the aim of this standard? So, there are three. There are many aims of this standard, but the three most important mitigate the adverse effects on the environment. Due to one’s organization’s work. Number two assists fulfill the compliance obligation like every organization has some sort of complaint or billing obligation, which can be legal obligations as well. So, every organization needs to comply with the legal obligations, in which country that organization is located. So, the second purpose is to fulfill the compliance obligation.

Third, purpose, or you can say the third aim of this standard is to enhance the environmental performance of an organization, how we are going to do that how we are going to achieve that. So let’s move on to the clauses.

Clause 4 – of the standard is the reason because the actual requirements of this standard start from clause number 4. So, first of all, what is the main purpose of this clause ISO 14001 Certification in Bahrain obliges the organization.

Clause 4.1 – Identify the context in which that organization works. So, any organization, which is going to implement this ISO 14001 needs to first identify the context after identifying the context. Now first of all, what is meant by the context of the organization. The context of the organization encompasses the scope of the organization, which is the geographical scope and technical scope as well.

So, there are three requirements of clause number 4. So how you are going to identify the context of the organization is, first of all, you need to write all the internal and external issues faced by the organization, get a paper and a plan and write down what sort of internal or external issues that your organization is facing, internal issues can be termed as the issues faced by the organization due to its large workforce or external issues an example of external issues can be the organization which is working in a society so the societal pressure software or any sort of societal pressure can be termed as the external issues faced by the organization.

So first of all we need to identify the internal and external issues faced by the organization. After identifying the internal and external issues.

Clause 4.2 – states that you need to identify your interested parties, what are your interested parties who are your interested parties. Interested parties mean anyone that can affect your organization’s work is called an interested party and similarly, anyone that can be affected by your organization. So it goes both ways. Anyone that can affect your organization or anyone that can get affected by your organization. So both of these are or will be termed as interested parties. So, the second step is to identify who are your interested parties and simultaneously you need to identify your needs and expectation.

What are the interested parties and what are their needs and what are their expectations? Now, what is the difference between needs and expectations? Needs are those requirements that are mandatory that are meant to treat any. You need to fulfill all those requirements and expectations of those requirements that if you can fulfill, then you’re interested parties will become more satisfied. So, you need to identify both the needs and expectations of your interested parties.

Clause 4.3 – identifies the scope of the organization that includes all of your compliance obligations. As mentioned above technical and geographical boundaries and the activities, products, or services offered by your organization and the ability to exercise control and influence.

If you are going to identify the scope of your organization then you need to look for these 4 topics of lengths obligation technical and geographical boundaries activities, product, services or whichever is related to your organization and the fourth one will be given is the ability to exercise, control or influence over them.

What is meant by Documented Information?

The ISO 14001 makes it mandatory on you that you need or you have to write down these and maintain them as a documented information.

This score doesn’t need to be written in a documented form or on paper but by documented information. Means any sort of information that is reproducible. For example, a written statement is also a documented information, and a picture, a snap, or an extra chart is also an example of a documented information.

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