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3 Steps to Achieve ISO Certification in Jordan

Brief Note on ISO Certification in Jordan:

Achieving ISO Certification in Jordan may seem like an impossible task, but that is because it’s never been done before. With the proper preparation and research, you can get the job done with ease and efficiency, allowing you to focus on your daily business operations instead of worrying about your next certification check-up. 

Here are the three steps to achieving ISO certification in Jordan to help get you started!

Step 1: Prepare a self-evaluation:

  • Prepare a self-evaluation and draft a self-assessment plan. Each management system should have its unique elements, but standard details are found across systems. 
  •  A Management System has seven components: planning, organization, implementation, execution, monitoring and improvement (also known as ISO Certification in Jordan is described as part of an organization’s overall management system for quality that provides customers with confidence that products or services fulfil customer requirements and expectations. 
  • The first step towards achieving ISO Certification in Jordan is analyzing your current procedures and processes to determine where weaknesses lie. Think about how you can strengthen those weak points, so they become strengths.

Step 2: Conduct a self-assessment:

  •  To get started on your ISO Certification journey, you’ll need first to conduct a self-assessment. 
  • In other words, it’s time to examine your current business operations, figure out what things are going well (and not so well), and assess how you currently meet international quality standards.
  •  It’s vital to take action early enough in your company’s life cycle to ensure all of your initial processes are adequately addressed before they become ingrained into your standard operating procedures (SOP).
  •  Not doing so can lead to costly rework and unneeded delays down the road. For most businesses, ISO registration is recommended around two years after launch.
  •  If you already offer products/services overseas or work with clients from multiple countries outside of Jordan, you may want to consider ISO Certification in Jordan sooner than that.

Step 3: Complete a Self-Evaluation:

  •  The results of your self-evaluation determine which ISO management system standards will be relevant to your business and if you need external auditing. 
  • Management System standards cover every part of your business, including logistics, manufacturing, financial controls, IT systems, human resources and more. 
  • Depending on the industry, sector and complexity of the operations, you may have to audit each area.
  •  Suppose your company is new and has never had ISO Certification before. In that case, it’s common practice for audit companies to do a full assessment during which they will decide if they need full compliance ISO Certification in Jordan or not. 
  • It’s important to discuss with your auditor what will be included in their audit report and any future audits. 
  •  Once you’ve completed a self-assessment and determined what needs to be standardized and understand all of the Certification requirements, you can then request an auditor visit from one of our approved ISO organizations. 
  • This auditor team will walk through your business processes while asking questions about procedures and requirements to ensure that everything meets international standards.

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